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Dec 17
How to Winterize Your Plumbing System
Winter is here, and in the home services industry, we know firsthand that the change in seasons affects every part...
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Dec 9
Ask AAA: Should I Wrap My Water Heater in an Insulation Blanket?
Welcome to another installment of Ask AAA where our Denver area home service experts address your queries about all the...
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Dec 7
Yes, Even Artificial Christmas Trees Catch Fire
Real or fake? When it comes to Christmas, you have fierce loyalists on either side. They both make compelling arguments....
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Dec 3
5 Ways You Are Wasting Money on Heat This Winter
Well, it’s winter once again, which means we’re in peak heating season. Whether you use a furnace, boiler, or another...
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Nov 24
What You Need to Know About Leaky Ducts
With winter almost here and colder weather right around the corner, our HVAC professionals at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating &...
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Nov 19
Guest Bathroom Essentials
Between visitors, your guest bathroom likely becomes a secondary bathroom — the cabinets filled with your personal hygiene products, the...
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Nov 12
How to Program Your Thermostat to Cut Heating Costs
When it comes to your thermostat, the set-it-and-forget-it approach only works if you’ve programmed it first. Unfortunately, the vast majority...
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Nov 3
It’s Time to Talk About Clogging Someone Else’s Toilet
The holidays are almost here, and that means getting together to enjoy big Thanksgiving dinners, eat tons of Christmas cookies,...
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Oct 28
Spooky Noises Part 2: Water Heater Edition
Earlier this month, our home services experts at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric published a blog on heater noises...
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Oct 20
Boiler vs. Furnace: Which is More Efficient?
We’re going to cut to the chase: modern furnaces and boilers are both efficient. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE)...
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Oct 16
How Old is Your Furnace? Here’s How to Tell
A furnace should last between 15 and 20 years. If you don’t know your HVAC system’s age, you might be...
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Oct 8
Is Your Heater Haunted? Strange Furnace Noises Explained
The film industry uses professionals to called foley artists to create sounds effects. They’re masters of using ordinary items to...
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Oct 5
The Top 3 Threats to Your Indoor Air Quality
Are you tired of excessive dust in your home, even after you’ve cleaned it? Have you noticed yourself coughing or...
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Sep 23
Why Flushable Kitty Litter isn’t Exactly Flushable
The nice thing about cats: companionship. The bad thing about cats: kitty litter. Unlike dogs, which have the decency to...
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Sep 18
How to Reset Motion Sensor Lights
Do your motion sensor lights stay on for long periods of time, rather than shutting off after a few minutes...
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Sep 15
Ask AAA: Can a Multi-Zone HVAC System Save My Marriage?
We’re reaching into our mailbag to help answer your most pressing questions about living comfortably and operating your home systems...
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Sep 9
How Can You Prepare for a Plumbing Emergency?
All homeowners know that if anything in the home can go wrong, it will happen at a most inconvenient time....
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Sep 4
Avoid These Shower Habits to Improve Your Plumbing!
You need your shower to get going in the morning, or to wash off the grime after a hard day’s...
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Aug 28
10 Simple Tips for Getting Rid of Air Leaks
Every year, Americans lose upwards of 25% of the hot and cold air generated by their HVAC systems to air...
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Aug 13
Homeowners, Start Budgeting for These Major Expenses Now
Being a homeowner is a major financial commitment. Not only do you have to pay the mortgage, but you also...
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Aug 13
Projects That Will Compromise Your Indoor Air Quality
When it comes to DIY home improvement, it’s tempting to do as much work as possible indoors, out of the...
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Aug 7
How to Fix a Running Toilet in 4 Easy Steps
A lot of people look at a running toilet as a minor nuisance, not a major problem for their larger...
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Jul 29
Top 5 Signs Your Light Switch Is Broken
Although you flip your light switches off and on every day, it is important to remember they are a part...
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Jul 14
Here’s How to Program Your Thermostat
Modern programmable thermostats offer greater convenience and improved energy efficiency for your Denver home. However, the benefits of these devices...
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Jul 14
Should You Turn Off the AC While You’re on Vacation?
You have spent all year planning your vacation, and you’re ready to take some time away from the stress of...
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Jul 13
Should I Set My AC Fan to ‘Auto’ or ‘On’?
Take a look at your thermostat. You’ll notice two settings: auto or on. Auto means the fan in your central...
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Jul 1
Top 5 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Pipes
Your pipes are basically the veins of your plumbing system. Without functional piping, you wouldn’t be able to pump in...
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Jun 29
5 Air Conditioning Tips That Will Actually Save You Money
Earlier this month, we published a blog on air conditioning hacks that are supposed to save you money but don’t...
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Jun 17
Actually, These Air Conditioning ‘Hacks’ Won’t Save You Money
We get it: cooling your home is expensive. Unfortunately, some of the things homeowners do in the name of cost...
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Jun 12
10 Improvements for a Healthier Home
You diet and you exercise, but your home could be undermining your efforts to stay healthy. Your home plays a...
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Jun 1
3 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing This Summer
Summer is here, and many homeowners are gearing up for cookouts, pool parties, and other kinds of fun in the...
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May 22
5 Signs It’s Time for a Video Pipeline Inspection
Are you tired of dealing with drain clogs? Have there been funky smells coming from your pipes lately? If so,...
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May 15
How a Smart Thermostat Will Save You Money This Summer
If you’re like most homeowners, you know that the cost of running your air conditioner skyrockets each summer. A smart...
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May 13
4 Signs Your AC Won’t Make it Through Summer
An air conditioning system is a significant investment, so no one can fault you for trying to get as much...
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Apr 24
Why You Should Consider Installing a Backup Generator
We live in uncertain times. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are concerned about how they are...
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Apr 22
4 Spring Maintenance Must-Dos
Spring is a time for new beginnings, which is why so many of us tackle home improvement projects this time...
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Apr 17
Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen Without Harsh Chemicals
With spring comes the desire to freshen up your home for the new season. Although commercial cleaning supplies can make...
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Apr 15
Do These 6 Things Before Relying on Your AC
We enjoy our mild spring weather but make no mistake, the heat is coming. Summers in Denver can be real scorchers....
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Apr 10
What Is Considered an Essential Service?
What Is Considered an Essential Service? By now, you’ve probably already made a lot of adjustments to your daily life...
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Mar 25
Can Getting an Air Purifier Help Protect Me from the Coronavirus?
It’s safe to say that the main thing that’s been on people’s minds these past few weeks is the COVID-19...
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Mar 18
Do Water Filters Stop Viruses?
With all the recent panic surrounding the Novel Coronavirus, many people are looking for any way to protect themselves. Here...
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Mar 16
Your Best Defenses Against Poor Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is key to promoting good health. Particles and pollutants can build up indoors and aggravate health conditions...
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Mar 12
Here’s How to Survive Spring Allergies
If you live in the Denver area and you suffer from allergies, you have our sympathies. We love the Mile...
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Mar 6
Does My Home Have a Hidden Leak?
An unexpectedly high water bill is more than a drain on your budget. It could be a sign of a...
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Mar 5
Why Your Basement Bathroom Absolutely Needs an Ejector Pump
An ejector pump is crucial for any bathroom, laundry room, or a plumbing fixture installed below the main septic line....
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Feb 27
Winter isn’t Over Yet! Here’s How to Reduce Your Risk of an Electrical Hazard
Winter weather keeps us cooped up inside, operating a variety of appliances, space heaters, and gadgets for comfort and entertainment,...
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Feb 21
5 Ways to Eliminate Dry Air in Your Home
Over the course of the winter, you may have found the humidity levels in your home have decreased. This can...
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Feb 20
Gas or Electric Furnace?
If you’re in need of a new furnace for your home, you have an interesting decision ahead of you: an...
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Feb 16
Here’s How to Prevent Clogs
There are few things more annoying to a homeowner than a clogged or slow-moving drain. This can be an expensive, time-consuming...
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Feb 10
How to Show Your Home Some Love
No matter if your home is a tight studio apartment or a large two-story mansion, show it some love and...
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