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Dec 5
Holiday Electrical Safety Tips
It’s the first week of December, which means you’re probably ready to bake cookies, play your favorite holiday music, and...
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Dec 2
December Holiday Fun in Arvada
It’s the Holiday Season! There’s no better way than to celebrate with fun, local events for the whole family. Here...
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Nov 27
Reasons to Give Thanks for Your HVAC
The holiday season is full of showing gratitude towards our friends, family, and the things in our life we’re most...
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Nov 27
Which Appliances Are Powered by Natural Gas?
Natural gas is one of the most versatile fuel sources used in your home. It helps keep you warm, makes...
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Nov 25
Everything You Need to Know About Electric Fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are an attractive feature for many homeowners. With an electric fireplace, homeowners can enjoy a roaring fire without...
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Nov 21
Prep Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving
Our Top 5 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips With Thanksgiving upon us, may Americans are finishing up their final preparations. Though there...
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Nov 15
Natural Gas vs. Propane
How Are Natural Gas and Propane Different? When someone hears the term “natural gas”, they often classify as a separate...
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Nov 12
How Your Humidifier Can Keep You Healthy During Flu Season
Using a Humidifier To Fight Off the Flu Humidifiers have one simple purpose — to add more moisture to our...
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Nov 8
Why Did My Light Bulb Turn Black?
If you’ve experienced any electrical problem, you probably assume it’s cause for worry right away. In the case of a...
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Oct 24
The Difference between Sump and Ejector Pumps
Ejector Pumps vs Sump Pumps When it comes to protecting your home from sewer and flooding problems, it becomes imperative...
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Oct 24
Is a Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?
When we think of our home maintenance checklist, our furnace may not always make it to the list. Did you...
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Oct 17
Home Checklist for Fall
Service Your Heating Unit Give your unit time to kick in. Cold weather is coming, and your HVAC can’t change...
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Oct 14
Bathroom Renovation Do’s and Dont’s
Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home, and with the proper renovations, it can be...
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Oct 2
How Plumbers Test For Home Leaks
Plumbing leaks in the home whether large or small can be a headache in the long run. From damaged drywall...
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Sep 24
Top 6 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair
When it comes to sewer line damage, homeowners have to face the difficult decision of having it repaired by destroying...
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Sep 20
Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners
When it comes to our pets, we love them unconditionally — even if we are constantly cleaning up the hair...
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Sep 9
Help! I’ve Lost My Jewelry Down the Drain!
It’s so easy for a piece of jewelry to slip from your fingers and fall down the drain. While you...
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Sep 4
5 Ways to Get Your Home Storm Ready
It’s no secret that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and she’s often unpredictable. However, being prepared for...
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Aug 24
Is There a Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Extension Cords?
When you need power up devices with shorter cords that won’t reach electrical outlets, most likely you’ll use an extension...
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Aug 6
What Is Energy Saver Mode on My AC?
Saving energy can also mean saving money on your utility bill. Virtually all AC units whether central air or a...
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Aug 2
How Does Lead Get into Drinking Water?
When you turn on your tap, you expect that the water you dispense into your glass is safe for you...
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Jul 29
What’s That Smell Under My Kitchen Sink?
You are confident that you keep a tidy kitchen; however, if there’s a pesky smell permeating the air, you may...
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Jul 22
How to Hide Outdoor Wiring Safely
While having electric outdoors is convenient, it could pose a safety hazard if installed improperly. From running your pond pump...
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Jul 15
How to Keep Lead Out of Your Water
You may have seen that in recent news reports, it’s been announced that Denver Water will be replacing thousands of lead...
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Jul 1
Keeping Fireworks Away from Your A/C Unit
When amid BBQs and entertaining guests, the last thing on your mind is ensuring your AC unit is free from...
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Jun 28
How to Prevent a Plumbing Leak Before Going on Vacation
Summertime means vacation time, and while you and your family may be excited about all the fun you are going...
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Jun 26
Safety Tips for Installing an Outdoor TV
Adding a TV to your outdoor living space is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Bringing family and friends together...
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Jun 24
How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool
A sunroom can be a beautiful addition to your home. Not only does it provide extra space, but it’s where...
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Jun 7
3 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems
We all look forward to the summertime. The warm weather and gathering with family and friends for partied and barbeques...
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May 31
How to Keep Your Home Cool on Scorching Days
Now that summer is in full swing, the weather is going to get increasingly hotter. When it’s a scorcher outside,...
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May 28
The Benefits of Ceiling Fans
When it comes to home decor, ceiling fans are probably one of the most popular fixtures that can add both...
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May 24
The Benefits of Servicing Your Boiler in the Summer
You may think that servicing your boiler during the summer months is a waste of time, but it’s actually not...
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May 20
Get Your Plumbing Summer Ready
With Memorial Day weekend only a few days away, you may have some extra time to tackle getting your home...
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May 16
Audit Your Home for Electrical Safety
Now that summer is around the corner, your electrical system will be getting a workout. While you may think that...
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May 8
5 Tips to Get Your Yard “Lit Up” for Summer
With summer just around the corner, you’ll want to have your home looking fabulous for barbeques, graduation parties, and other...
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May 6
Tips to Cool a Room Quickly
Summer is just around the corner and when it gets hot outside, it may be harder to cool down your...
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May 3
The Advantages of Video Pipeline Inspection
Since pipes and sewer lines are either hidden in walls, flooring or underground, there can be difficulty in finding a...
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Apr 19
What Happens if You Run Your A/C Without a Filter
As the weather gets warmer and you prep your home for summer, you’ll want to make sure your A/C is...
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Apr 17
Are Your Cleaning Habits Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality?
Everyone loves a clean home that smells wonderful. While you may work hard to get your home gleaming, you may...
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Apr 15
Why are My Pipes Corroded?
Corroding pipes in the home is not an unusual problem — usually caused by oxidation and aging over time. While pipe...
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Apr 15
How to Improve Indoor Air Quality
The air quality in a home can become dirty — leading to odors, bacteria, and allergens making your home’s atmosphere...
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Apr 10
How Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Allergies
Spring is peak season for allergies. Allergens, such as dust, pollen, and animal dander, can make life miserable for many...
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Apr 8
What is a Hose Bibb?
The invention of the hose bibb revolutionized modern home landscaping. This wonderfully versatile valve features an angular male hose connection...
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Mar 27
The Dangers of Overlamping
A common cause of house fires is “overlamping“. Overlamping can be a severe household hazard, but thankfully, it’s one that is very easy to...
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Mar 21
Everything You Need to Know About High Pressure Water Jetting
High-pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting, is a technique of cleaning and unblocking drains. As the name implies, this...
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Mar 21
How to Detect and Fix Pipe Leaks Under Slab
Any pipe leak is a nuisance, but slab leaks can be especially annoying. If they aren’t discovered quickly, they can damage your...
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Feb 14
Why Won’t My Bathtub Drain?
All drains have a trap. While your sink has a “U” shaped trap, your bathtub has a “P” shaped trap....
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Feb 11
Top 5 Money-Saving Plumbing Hacks
The comforts of home may be taken for granted. When we want light, we flip a switch. When we need...
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Jan 14
The Ultimate Winter Home Guide to Energy Saving
For every homeowner, it’s important to be able to cut back on costs so that we can bank on some...
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Jan 3
5 Hacks to Lower Your Electric Bill
Due to the rising costs of living, most people today are looking for ways to cut down on their monthly...
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