When to Replace Your Electrical Outlets
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When to Replace Your Electrical Outlets

Signs that Show You Need a New Electrical Outlet

Electrical outlets are often an afterthought, but if we are not careful that afterthought could be potentially life-changing. Down below, we have included what signs you should look out for that tell you your outlets need replacing.

Plugs Fall Out After Insertion

When plugs start falling out of an outlet no matter what is connected, the problem is likely caused by the outlet’s contacts being run down from use. If plugs aren’t connecting correctly inside the outlet, it can cause electrical arcing and your home could potentially catch fire. When experiencing this issue, your best bet is to have your outlet replaced.

Outlets are Ungrounded

If any of your outlets aren’t grounded, you are putting your family at risk! You can spot ungrounded outlets because they have two holes instead of the more typical three.

Ungrounded outlets pose a significant threat, as they’re more prone to errors that can start a fire, shocking the person plugging the appliance into the outlet, and shorting out whatever piece of equipment is plugged in.

The safest way to handle this situation is by calling the professionals at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric to come and replace those outlets. For extra safety, you can have GFCI outlets installed, which are designed to protect people from electric shock.

Outlets are Hot to the Touch

If you notice that your outlets are hot when you touch them, this is a clear indicator that you are experiencing an electrical issue. Wires behind the wall are potentially loose, damaged, or highly worn out. Other signs include discoloration of the surrounding wall area, scorch marks, and melted plastic around the site.

If you see these signs, You should deal with this problem ASAP, because this is a severe fire hazard to your home. Contact an electrical technician to inspect, upgrade, and replace these outlets.

Replace Your Outlets Today

At AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric we know that faulty outlets can pose a severe threat to you and your family; contact our experienced professionals at (303) 313-3333 to take care of all your outlet needs today.

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