What is an Electrical Emergency?
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What is an Electrical Emergency?

What is an Electrical Emergency?

Your electrical system is crucial to a happy and functioning home. But there are some risks that come along with operating electricity in any home.

Electrical emergencies require prompt attention from a qualified professional. Here are some situations where it’s important to pick up the phone and call an electrician for help.

Random Power Outages

Power outages can happen, especially when there are issues with power lines or inclement weather. If your whole block has lost power, it is likely one of these culprits. Check in with your power company for updates on the situation and to see if this is a widespread problem.

If no one else on your block has lost power or your power goes in and out, there is likely a problem with your home’s electrical system. If your electrical company is unaware of any issues, call an electrician to diagnose the problem. Electrical problems can lead to shock, home damage, or even a fire.

Issues With Breaker Trips

This problem can go both ways — if your breaker trips too often or not at all. Too often, and there is likely an imbalance in power. If your breakers keep tripping, your appliances are likely too strong for your electrical panel. You’ll likely need an upgraded panel in order to get safe and reliable power.

If your breakers aren’t tripping at all, you’re not getting an important safety feature on your electrical panel. When an overload of power travels through the panel and isn’t shut down, it can cause shock or fire in your home.

Physical Damage

If you notice physical damage on any of your electrical apparatus — circuit breaker, outlets, appliances — you need to call an electrician to address the damaged equipment and search for a cause. This is especially important if you notice a burning smell or see burn marks on your outlets or electrical panel. Burning can indicate that there is an overload in power.

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