Does My Home Have a Hidden Leak?
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Does My Home Have a Hidden Leak?

An unexpectedly high water bill is more than a drain on your budget. It could be a sign of a hidden leak in your home’s plumbing system. If your last water bill caused you to break a sweat, it might be time to put your water meter to work in diagnosing possible causes of excess water usage.

Using Your Home’s Water Meter to Detect Leaks

Your water meter is more than a way for the utility company to know how much to bill you. It can be a useful tool in diagnosing water leaks. Here’s how:

  • Turn all of the water off in your house. If you can access the central supply line, use that to shut off water service.
  • Now, go take a reading from your water meter. If it is a dial, make a mark where each hand rests.
  • Wait for a half-hour or more, then recheck the meter.

If the reading is different, then you have a water leak somewhere in your plumbing. You can check faucets and the toilet tanks in your home to see if there are any visible signs of a leak. Outside drains are another familiar trouble spot, especially if they could have frozen and developed a crack.

If you don’t see anything, you probably have a hidden leak. Mold, mildew, and peeling paint could all point to this condition. Contact AAA Service to schedule a visit from one of our courteous and professional plumbers. We can find and repair the leak, so you aren’t wasting water – or paying a ridiculously high water bill each month.

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