Help! I’ve Lost My Jewelry Down the Drain!

Help! I’ve Lost My Jewelry Down the Drain!

Sep 9

It’s so easy for a piece of jewelry to slip from your fingers and fall down the drain. While you may think all hope is lost in getting it back, you still have that chance to save your precious jewels if you follow these tips!

Use a Magnet

If your jewelry is silver or gold, you won’t be able to use this hack, however for all other metal jewelry, tie a string to a strong magnet and lower it into the drain. 

Stop Water From Running

In this case, your shut-off valves will be your friend. Running water can push your jewelry further down into your pipes, making it more difficult in finding and retrieving it. 

Disassemble the P-Trap

The U-shaped pipe under your sink is ironically called P-trap. Here are some steps to taking it apart so you can retrieve your jewelry:

  1. Place a bucket under the P-trap
  2. Remove the drain plug (if your trap has one)
  3. Loosen the slip nuts on either side of the pipe bend
  4. Dump water and look for your lost contents

Garbage Disposal

If you’ve dropped your jewelry into the garbage disposal, the first thing you need to do for safety reasons is to switch the power off from your electrical breaker box. Next, try the following:

  1. Try using a magnet as noted above
  2. Use a flashlight to locate the item in your garbage disposal drain. If you can see it clearly, you may be able to retrieve it with a long utensil such as a wooden spoon or tongs. Never stick your hands into the disposal.
  3. If your item has been caught in the grinder, it’s possible that not only has your jewelry been damaged, but your disposal could be damaged as well. If your disposal does not work correctly after retrieving your lost jewelry, call a plumber to assess the problem. 

If you have a dilemma in retrieving lost items down your drain, we’ve got you covered! Whether lost jewelry or a clogged drain, our professional plumbers at AAA Service can help. Call or schedule an appointment online today for all your home plumbing needs.