How to Hide Outdoor Wiring Safely

How to Hide Outdoor Wiring Safely

Jul 22

While having electric outdoors is convenient, it could pose a safety hazard if installed improperly. From running your pond pump to your outdoor TV and other appliances,  here are some outdoor wiring and safety tips to keep your yard aesthetically pleasing and safe at the same time. 

Safety First

When it comes to your outdoor wiring, enlisting the help of a professional electrician is the safest way to keep your electric needs running this summer. Taking on the task of wiring your outdoor space on your own is complicated and dangerous. Without professional electrical wiring experience, it could be putting yourself at risk of electric shock. Hire a licensed electrician to avoid the following:

  • Faulty circuits
  • Poor wire connections
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Faulty grounding that could cause electrocution

Extension Cords

Extension cords can be long and cumbersome to set up and look ugly when in use. If you are temporarily running extension cords while outdoors, the following can help keep you and your family safe from electrical hazards:

  • Only use extension cords labeled for outdoor use
  • Keep extension cords away from the pool and other areas where there is water
  • Before plugging in, inspect all extension cords for fraying
  • Plugin extension cords where there is the least amount of foot traffic

Hiding Outdoor Wiring

If you have an outdoor TV and other appliances, wires can be easily hidden behind any fixture or furniture with cord clips. You can find inexpensive cord clips at your local hardware store. Cord covers and cord concealer kits are also a good option for long dangling wires. 

When it comes to installing outdoor electrical equipment, our highly qualified and trained electricians are fully equipped to handle the job!  Call or schedule an appointment online with AAA Service today!