Safety Tips for Installing an Outdoor TV
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Safety Tips for Installing an Outdoor TV

Adding a TV to your outdoor living space is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Bringing family and friends together for a sports game or a BBQ binge-watch of your favorite TV show can take your home entertainment to the next level.  Here are some things to consider before you install your TV outside.

Is it Safe for Outdoors?

Before hanging up your TV outside, you’ll need to ensure that the model you choose has been labeled for outdoor use. Outdoor TVs are best because they are designed to reduce glare, resist moisture, and withstand various temperatures. 

Where Should You Mount Your Outdoor TV?

Whether watching TV solo or with friends, you’ll want everyone to have the best viewing experience. Choose a spot that won’t be subjected to the elements. Also, place in a shady area to avoid direct sunlight throughout the day. 

What Type of Mount Will Do You Need?

An indoor TV mount will not be compatible with your outdoor TV. You’ll want a mount that is rust resistant and designed to withstand the elements. Outdoor TVs also tend to weigh more than indoor TVs so an indoor mount would not be able to hold up as much weight. 

How To Properly Wire Your Outdoor Space Safely

To use your outdoor TV, it’s apparent that you’ll need electrical power outdoors. If the space in which you decide to put your TV does not have any available outlets, you’ll need to have an electrical wiring installation. It’s best not to attempt to install your outlets outdoors without professional help. Having an experienced electrician can ensure that your electrical outlets are correctly installed to avoid any safety issues. 

When it comes to installing outdoor electrical equipment, our highly qualified and trained electricians are fully equipped to handle the job!  Call or schedule an appointment online with AAA Service today! 

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