How to Deal with Those Leaky Pipes

How to Deal with Those Leaky Pipes

Apr 30

Leaking pipes are a nightmare for any homeowner. Just imagine, all of a sudden a pipe starts to leak and water spurts out all over the place, wouldn’t this be annoying?

Likewise, leaking pipes may not sound threatening to some homeowners, but if left unnoticed, it can lead to damages, which can cost you a lot of money. As such, the first thing you should do after spotting a leak is to close down the main valve. Since by doing so, you will shut the water flow down, thereby buying yourself some time to decide what you should next. Furthermore, you should turn off your central heating boiler and try not to touch any wet electrical fittings – in order to avoid any major incident.

If you cannot find a plumber to fix the problem, do not worry. Accordingly, here are some temporary and permanent ways by which you can fix leaking pipes:

Temporary Methods

  1. After turning the main water tap off, clean up the spillage and make dry the area using a mop. This will make sure that you don’t slip and hurt yourself. Afterward, wrap a rubber piece in the leaking joint. Next, apply a hose clamp made of stainless steel. If you do not have rubber available for placing it over the damaged area of the pipe, you can use some off your rubber hose in your garden.
  2. You should use an adhesive. These things work great on both clean and dry surfaces.
  3. If the leak is around the fitting, try using any room-temperature-hardening material, this should be easy to utilize as a space-plugging adhesive.
  4. Sometimes, if you do not have anything “technical” at your disposal, and the leak is a minor one, you can use a piece of chewing gum to seal it. Just make sure that you use enough gum to seal the leaky pipe.

Permanent Methods

  1. If the leaks are present in copper fitting and PVC pipes, try utilizing a pipe cutter along with a plastic cutting tool. When doing so, cut out a portion that helps you to slide in compression coupling. Afterward, try to constrict the coupling with your hands.
  2. Try to use flexible metal tubes along with the compression couple. Do this on each end so that you are able to perform a permanent fix.
  3. Try installing pipe clamps that are exclusively or particularly designed to deal with leaking pipes. Moreover, all you need to do is simply to place the clamp at the hole. Afterward, tighten the screws. This should make the seal permanent.

You should deal with leaking pipes as soon as possible. Whether the leakage is affecting a small or a large area, it is important that you either do something yourself or call in the professionals to take care of the leaky pipes so that you don’t undergo any major damage in the long run. Furthermore, with simple accessories like gum, space-plugging adhesive, pipe clamps or a piece of garden hose, it is easy to seal a leaking pipe.

On a final note, for best results, just make sure you contain the water spill first.