Why In-Tank Toilet Cleaners Are a Bad Idea
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Why In-Tank Toilet Cleaners Are a Bad Idea

Don’t Just Set & Forget

We work hard to keep our toilets clean. Products like in-toilet fresheners help take some of the load off. This may be true, but these products can also harm your toilet and plumbing.

Here’s why toilet tablet cleaners may not be the best solution.

They Lead to Corrosion

Just like how we avoid putting chemical cleaners down our sink drains, the same applies to the toilet. Chemicals that sit in the water have a longer time to corrode pipes and other hardware. This leads to a reduction in your pipes’ integrity and leaves you more vulnerable to leaks and costly repairs.

These chemical cleaners will also corrode the parts of your toilet, even back in the tank, which will eventually require repair more often than you need.

You’ll Lose Your Warranty

If the chemicals in your toilet start to break down the various mechanical elements, you may not be able to recover that loss through a warranty. Toilet makers have started putting disclaimers with their products, stating that damage from chemical cleaning tablets is not covered in the guarantee.

The Right Way to Clean

Don’t take this guidance to mean that you can’t use toilet bowl cleaner. Standard cleaning products are generally safe for your toilet as long as they are used properly. Treat them like soap – spray or pour on the side of the bowl, scrub with a brush, then rinse with a flush. This allows the cleaner to do its job without lingering and causing adverse reactions with parts of your toilet.

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