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Why are My Pipes Corroded?

Corroding pipes in the home is not an unusual problem — usually caused by oxidation and aging over time. While pipe replacement may turn into a headache, but leaving your pipes in a corroded state can create a more significant problem if not addressed.

Here red flags of you may have pipe corrosion.

Water Discoloration

When pipes are corroded particles can settle into your water leaving a discoloration. If you notice bluish-green stains when running your water, this could indicate a pipe corrosion issue.

Unusual Odor in Water

Oxidation can is one of the top ways pipes get corroded. If you notice a peculiar smell coming from your sink drains, it may be time to investigate for a corrosion problem.

Strange Tasting Water

If you have copper pipes, you may notice a metallic taste to your water. Lead pipes may make your water taste sweet. If you notice a strange taste, it may be time to have your pipes inspected.  

Clogged Pipes

Besides backup issues, clogged pipes could also indicate pipe corrosion. Particle buildup could be the culprit and may even cause leaks. If your pipes are leaking or clogged, contact a plumber to get to the root of the problem.

If you notice any of the above signs in your water, we can help address the problem. Our team of experienced plumbers have the knowledge to identify plumbing problems, so they don’t get out of hand. Call or schedule an appointment online with AAA Service today!

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