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What You Need to Know When Adding Lighting to Your Patio

Are you looking to make your patio the place to BE this spring and summer? The best way to improve your patio (even if it’s brand new with all of the bells and whistles) is to add lighting to it. For the ultimate patio experience, you’re going to need the right type, amount, and placement of lighting. So read on to help make your patio into the best one in the neighborhood!

Patios Should Have Multiple Sources of Lighting

For the ultimate patio experience, your patio setup should include different types of lighting — especially if you’re one that’s constantly outside after dark.

  • Ambient Lighting – This will be your main source of light for the patio. You can choose between your classic wall lights, post lights, or even the ever-so-popular string lights. (Because we all know multiple string lights covering your patio would make it seem like the ultimate summer oasis!)
  • Task Lighting – Having task lighting is important for when you need light in certain areas, so you can accomplish a specific task. This includes walkway lighting leading toward the patio to help you navigate the way, security lights to alert you when someone is walking by, or perimeter deck lights to show you where the patio area starts and ends.
  • Accent Lighting – This additional lighting will give your patio that little extra it needs to truly look phenomenal! Strategically placed spotlights (pointed at trees or fixtures) and landscape kits will surround your patio with a “pop of lighting” that will complete the look of your personal outdoor paradise.

Stick With One Type of Bulb

When choosing the types of lighting for your patio, remember to use one type of light bulb — LED. When using LED bulbs, you’ll use less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs.

And that’s not it, there’s more!

LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, so you’ll save even more money by purchasing fewer replacement bulbs. (Maintenance of your lighting is almost non-existent at this point!)

Pay Attention to Task Lighting For Entertainment

Patios are the entertainment hubs for most homes during the spring and summer. Guests will be over and it’s your job to entertain them as the host. In order to do so, you’re going to need to think about how you typically entertain guests when picking out additional task lighting.

If you eat on the patio, opt for a dim-lit table lantern. If you grill outdoors, have a light source like a small light post or tiki torch to help illuminate the grill.

Having an outdoor patio to relax on and entertain guests with is the ultimate at-home experience. However, it’s extremely important that this area is well lit in order to be functional (as well as glamorous).

For all of your electrical needs when it comes to outdoor (and indoor) lighting, remember to keep AAA Service in mind. Our professional electricians are ready to make your home the place to be this spring and summer!

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