Water Conservation Tips Around the Home
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Water Conservation Tips Around the Home

The average American uses up to 100 gallons of water per day, and many of this could be saved if we engaged in the proper conservation tactics. There are several easy ways you can save gallons upon gallons of water each month without sacrificing too much. People often correlate water conservation with inconvenience, but these tips are convenient, affordable, and will save you money!

When in Doubt, Turn Off the Tap

As humans, we don’t even realize how much water we use. We just performing simple tasks such as handwashing and brushing our teeth regularly. Turning off the tap while you’re scrubbing your hands and brushing your teeth can save a substantial amount of water. Even just doing this over one week’s time. Environmentalists also recommend turning off the tap when you’re doing dishes by hand. They even mention while you’re soaping up in the shower. Just these tasks alone can use up to 15 gallons or more of water each day, so turning the tap off intermittently does more than you would think.

Patch Up Any Leaks

An unidentified leak in your home could be costing you gallons of water each day without you even realizing it. Take inventory around your home of any piping or appliances that could possibly be leaking. A great tip is to put some food coloring in your toilet’s water tank. If any appears in the actual bowl before flushing, then you know there is a leak present. Many of these leaks can be fixed with DIY methods instead of hiring a costly plumber, but either way, you end up saving in the long-run.

Minimize Hose Use

A traditional garden hose uses a hefty amount of water when it is routinely operated. Be sure to monitor recreational activities during the summer that require the hose in order to make sure your household isn’t using too much water. It is also suggested to water any plants with watering cans as opposed to a garden hose, due to them using much less water. Also, try to sweep porches and walkways with a broom instead of using the hose as your primary cleaning source.

By putting these techniques in place of your routine water usage, you are sure to see a decrease in your water bill. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be doing your part for the environment as well. These tips are easy for almost anyone, and they are absolutely no cost to you as a homeowner.

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