The Ultimate Winter Home Guide to Energy Saving
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The Ultimate Winter Home Guide to Energy Saving

For every homeowner, it’s important to be able to cut back on costs so that we can bank on some extra money. While you may think your home is energy efficient and you are maximizing your savings every month, it’s possible there are some things you may be missing. From light bulbs to thermostats, here are some energy-saving tips you should know!

Change Your Bulbs!

If you haven’t implemented LED bulbs in your home, winter is the time to make the change!  LED bulbs can provide the following benefits where traditional bulbs fall short:

  • Longer life – LED bulbs can last up to 40 times more than your average incandescent bulb.
  • Consumes less power – Less power used means a lower electric bill.
  • Improved safety – When it comes to lighting, heat emission can be a hazard – and since LED bulbs use less power, they don’t generate as much heat.
  • Environmentally safe – not only is LED lighting good for your energy bill, but it’s also good for the environment.

Cold Water is Your Friend!

While the temperatures may be bone-chilling outside and the thought of cold water makes you cringe, it can be your best friend this winter! By washing dishes and laundry in cold water, you could reduce your water heating bill.

Take your energy savings up a notch by doing these three things:

  • Do full loads of laundry to lessen the use of your washing machine
  • Adopt the “speed wash” – If your washing machine has a “speed wash” dial, you could add to your energy savings by a shorter wash cycle and your clothes will come out just as clean.
  • Hang your laundry to dry – one less machine running every month will reward you with a lower electric bill.

Seal It Up and Save!

One of the most common ways energy is wasted is through cracks in windows and doors. Check all areas of your home for any gaps and leaks as well as add insulation to areas that are lacking. Doing so can help save on your home heating and cooling costs.

Spot Check Your Thermostat!

Performing a spot check on your thermostat every few months to ensure it’s functioning properly can avoid paying too much in energy costs. When giving your thermostat an audit, check for the following that can cause it to malfunction:

  • Dust and dirt inside the thermostat
  • If you have an older mercury-based thermostat, check that it is level and centered
  • Ensure your thermostat is placed away from direct sunlight and drafty areas
  • The age of your thermostat – if your thermostat hasn’t been performing optimally, winter is the best time to upgrade to a “smart” thermostat” for better efficiency.

If your home electrical, plumbing or HVAC appliances isn’t working efficiently, AAA Service can help! Call or schedule an appointment online today for more information on how we can assist you with getting your home as energy-efficient as possible.

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