The Perfect Gift Ideas for a Handyman
Be like Jake. Leave it to the pros.

The Perfect Gift Ideas for a Handyman

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is running to the store to cross off the items on their Christmas list. Shopping for a handyman can be difficult, but you have to get inside their mind and really think about what they want. Whether they have a passion for carpentry, plumbing or automobiles, these gifts are sure to impress this Christmas!


Has the handyman in your life ever come in for dinner after whacking his hand with a hammer? This is painful and then you’re left hearing all about it… To avoid these types of evenings, buy him a ThumbSaver nail setter so his hands are never put in harm’s way while hammering in a nail.

Laser Level

It’s almost 2017 and technology is quickly becoming a handyman’s best friend. The days of the bubble level are in the past, and the laser level is the new hot trend. You can use it without the help of a second hand and it makes the leveling process quicker and easier.

LED Work Lamp

Those old halogen bulbs are hot, bulky and simply out of style. Every handyman has burnt their hands trying to adjust one at some point and this can be frustrating. Try buying them an LED work lamp so they can work at all hours of the day.

Cordless Radio

Whether they move to the beat of Rock and Roll or Motown, a cordless radio is a perfect gift for any man’s man. They can take it to any job site, garage or event they desire and who knows, maybe they’ll pick up a side job as a disc jockey.

A Little Help

A handyman loves to talk and tell people about the work they’re doing. Even if they don’t ask for your help, maybe just go out to the workshop and talk with them for a little while. They’ll enjoy the company and there is truly no better gift than the pleasure of time spent with family.

If your handyman can’t find the time to do some in-home repairs or if you simply don’t have handyman, AAA Service can help. We repair and install plumbing fixtures, furnaces, air conditioners, wiring and much more! If you need help preparing for the holiday, just call the guys in the bright pink trucks.

To schedule service, call (303) 313-3333 or click around on our website!

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