Should You Turn Off the AC While You’re on Vacation?
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Should You Turn Off the AC While You’re on Vacation?

You have spent all year planning your vacation, and you’re ready to take some time away from the stress of daily life. But one thing you may not have planned for: what to do with your AC system. Do you leave it on or off? From the surface, turning it off makes sense. After all, why cool an unoccupied home? However, no airflow in your home can pose several risks.

High Humidity

Your air conditioner plays a vital role in managing humidity levels throughout your home, and leaving it off can cause problems. High humidity allows mold to grow. With enough humidity, your home becomes much more attractive to certain pests.

Damage Appliances

When you think about turning off your air conditioner while you’re away, keep in mind that the air inside your home can get much hotter than outside. This happens because your home absorbs and traps heat. Too much heat can damage your computers, television sets, and other appliances.

Uncomfortable Home

Who wants to return from a vacation to a hot, uncomfortable home? Your central air system is going to have to work in overdrive to overcome the temperature differential between the ambient air and your preferred setpoint. It’s going to take a while for your home to cool down and this will put your AC unit under a lot of stress.

The Solution: Keep the AC on at a Higher Temperature

Your best approach is to leave the AC on while you’re away. Set it to 85 degrees. That won’t break the bank and it will help keep extreme temperatures and humidity at bay. You can also program your thermostat to run cooler during the high heat of the day and throttle down to a more cost-effective setting at night. Even better: upgrade to a smart thermostat. This way you can keep tabs on your home’s temperature and adjust as needed from your mobile device.

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