Preparing Your Plumbing for 4th of July
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Preparing Your Plumbing for 4th of July

Independence Day is a time for fireworks, barbecues and quality family time- don’t let your plumbing ruin all that. Preparing your home for guests is more than just cleaning your hand towels. It’s also about taking action to prevent potentially disastrous problems. There is an old saying that says: “Preparation is the key to success,” and the same holds true for your plumbing this 4th of July.

Check your toilet: Chances are the main toilet in your home will bare the brunt of the work this weekend. It is your job to make sure it is performing before your guests arrive. There is a chance your toilet flapper is wearing down and you don’t even know it. Changing the flapper is a quick and easy way to ensure your toilet will be flushing all weekend long.

Make sure your drain is working properly: It might be a good idea to give your drain good flushing out before your guests arrive. One tried and trusted technique requires baking soda and boiling water. Pour a fair amount of baking soda into your drain and let it sit for about ten minutes. While the baking soda is breaking up odors and build up in your drain, you should be boiling a pot of water. Once the water comes to a boil, pour it down the drain and you should be good to go!

Don’t treat your garbage disposal like a garbage can: Many people mistake their garbage disposal for a flat out garbage can. You want to avoid putting fats, oils, and grease down your disposal because they will become hard and sticky as they cool. The blades of your disposal can’t handle things like large fruits and vegetables either. Make sure you educate anyone helping you in the kitchen of these rules too!

Following these rules should ensure a disaster-free 4th of July weekend. But if something does happen to go wrong, just call AAA Today! We are the guys in the bright pink trucks that you see all over town! We would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. We can be reached by calling (303) 313-3333 or visit us on the web!

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