Prep Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving
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Prep Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving

Our Top 5 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

With Thanksgiving upon us, may Americans are finishing up their final preparations. Though there are still side dishes to make and a table to set, there’s one important step that you should remember to take before holiday guests come knocking on your door — and that’s making sure that your plumbing is prepared. Here are the top ways you can ensure your plumbing is ready for everything this holiday season brings.

1. Stagger Your Shower Times

If you have some house guests staying with you this holiday, your bathroom will be feeling the pressure. Be sure to account for everyone having to use the bathroom, and wait at least 10 minutes between each shower. This will allow everyone to get a warm shower, and allow any hair to move through your plumbing without being pushed down all at once.

2. Use a Sink Strainer

We’ve all been there: hosting a holiday means a ton of dishes, a ton of washing, and a ton of opportunities for food to slip down the drain. The best way to avoid a messy plumbing situation is to use a sink strainer before you even begin prepping your Thanksgiving turkey. You can take the waste gathered in the strainer and throw it right in the trash!

3. Ensure Your Disposal is Running

If you do choose to use your garbage disposal this holiday, make sure that your garbage disposal is turned on before you put food into it. This is one of the biggest reasons for a broken or clogged unit. Avoid any plumbing catastrophes by making sure to turn on your faucet, allowing cold water to fill the drain before any food enters it. You can also keep your water running for a few moments after turning the disposal off to ensure no waste gets stuck.

4. Avoid Throwing Leftovers Down Your Drain

While your garbage disposal should be running, it shouldn’t be the end-all place for all of your scraps. It may be tempting to throw your Thanksgiving dinner remains down the drain, but doing so will only clog your garbage disposal and cause the need for a hefty repair bill. Avoid throwing these foods down your unit, and opt for the garbage instead:

  • Oil or greasy foods.
  • String foods, such as celery and corn husks.
  • Large items such as bones.
  • Potato peels.
  • Eggshells.
  • Pasta and other starchy foods.

5. Have Your Plumbing Checked Before Thanksgiving

The best way to ensure that your holiday goes off without a hitch is to schedule a maintenance appointment before the big day. A professional plumber can examine all of your appliances, pipes, drains, and fixtures to ensure you aren’t facing any problematic clogs. 

Plumbing problems are annoying — but on a holiday, the can feel like the end of the world. AAA Service Plumbing Heating, Cooling & Electrical is one of the Denver area’s top plumbing repair contractors. We can fix all of your home plumbing problems before the company even rings the doorbell. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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