Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners
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Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

When it comes to our pets, we love them unconditionally — even if we are constantly cleaning up the hair that they leave behind. While you might not think that pet hair and pet products can affect your plumbing — think again. Here are some tips on how to keep your pipes in top shape when you have pets in your home. 

Don’t Use Flushable Kitty Litter

Flushable kitty litter sounds like a convenient way to clean up after your cat. However, it’s not convenient if it causes a clogged sewer line. Kitty litter is designed to clump when it gets wet, so flushing it down the toilet can make it form concrete-like clumps. Hardened kitty litter clumps that clog your sewer lines can cause a backup sending raw sewage into your home. 

Use a Drain Screen When Bathing Pets

Bathing your pet can be challenging itself. While human hair and soap are the main culprits for pipe clogs, pet hair can block drains too. Since dogs and cats shed a lot more hair than we do, be sure that you have a drain screen in place when pampering your furry pal! 

Keep Your Dog From Digging

Some pipes could run closer to the surface of your yard. We all know how much dogs love to dig! Exposed pipes, especially in the winter, can leave your pipes vulnerable to freezing. If they get punctured from digging, you’ll have a costly mess to clean up and repair. Try to keep your dog restricted to areas of your yard where there aren’t any pipes present. 

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Did your pet cause a plumbing problem? We can help! Our professional plumbers at AAA Service can assess the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. Call or schedule an appointment online today for all your home plumbing needs. 

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