My Furnace Is Making a Weird Sound. What Does It Mean?
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My Furnace Is Making THIS Sound. What Does It Mean?

We all rely heavily on our furnaces to provide comfort to our homes and loved ones during the winter season. When you begin to notice occasional unusual noises it’s important to tune into exactly what they are because a properly functioning furnace isn’t disruptive. However, certain noises can help determine the particular issue your furnace may be experiencing. Continue reading to find out if the noises you’re hearing are cause for concern!


Metal on metal is never a pleasant sound, especially when it’s coming from your furnace. If you begin to hear scraping sounds it usually indicates a problem with your blower wheel, which might be broken or loose. A problem with the blower wheel requires immediate action to prevent any serious damage to your furnace. Give our team a call so we can get your furnace running AAAwesome again!

2. Wheezing

We all get tired and that includes our furnace. If you begin to hear wheezing from your furnace, it may be due to a dirty air filter. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your air filter, it’s likely due to a dirty filter. Regularly changing your furnace filter every 90 days will keep your furnace running efficiently and improve your indoor air quality. Change out your older filter for a new one and see if that wheezing noise comes to a stop.

3. Whining or Squealing

Whining or squealing coming from your furnace is most likely the result of an issue with the blower. Fortunately, your blower motor bearing can last up to 30 years! Overheating and an unbalanced furnace blower wheel can require premature maintenance. Schedule a tune-up with our AAA Service team today so we can take a look!

4. Crackling

Crackling? No worries! Crackling is one sound from your furnace that you do not need to worry about. After your furnace finishes a heating cycle, heated metal in your ductwork and furnace will make crackling sounds as they begin to cool off.

Furnaces are known to make noises starting up but not all of them are cause for concern. However, we are always better safe than sorry. Our team of experts is here to get your furnace running AAAwesome again! Give our team a call at (303) 313-3333 to schedule your tune-up today!

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