March Weather Roundup for Denver
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March Weather Roundup for Denver

March is a tricky month for the weather forecasters here in Denver, Colorado. But for the most part, this March has been rather kind to the warm weather lovers out there. The average temperature has been in the mid 60’s and today we will see highs of around 76°F! The average temperature for March 15th in Denver is 56°F, so this is a significant topic that is worth discussing.

March Monthly Averages

The temperatures we are feeling right now are not normal, as anyone who has been living here awhile knows. Throughout the month of March, the average temperature is about 56°F, which we mentioned early. That is borderline furnace weather and with nightly lows of 27°F, it can be difficult to decide what cycle your unit should be in. With this fluctuation, programmable thermostats are even more important!

Air Conditioner Preparation

We don’t want to jump the gun and jinx it, but is it fair to say that air conditioner season is upon us? Maybe not yet, but it is definitely time to start putting a tune-up on your schedule. Our technicians will come in for ONLY $79 and supply you with an entire year’s worth of filters. We will make sure your unit is ready to take on whatever the Denver Spring and Summer have to throw at it.

Is it Time to Shut Down the Furnace?

With nightly temperatures dropping into the 20’s and 30’s, it isn’t time to shut down that furnace just yet. But when that time does come, you’ll want to follow these steps»

  • Turn off the Pilot Light.
  • Change & Clean the Filters.
  • Check your Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
  • Clean the Area Around Your Unit.
  • Perform a Personal Inspection.
  • Call In a AAA Service Professional.

Here at AAA Service, we care for our clients 12 months a year and whether it’s heating or cooling, we provide the same AAAmazing service. All of our work is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our technicians are eager to meet with you soon.

To schedule cooling service, call (303) 313-3333 or click around on our website!

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