Making the Bathroom More Accessible
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Making the Bathroom More Accessible

The bathroom should be a place of comfort for everyone. Unfortunately, people with physical ailments tend to struggle with the accessibility of the bathroom. Whether it is you or a family member that is physically disabled, the bathroom does not have to be a burden.

The Shower

  • The Seat: The ideal height for a handicap accessible shower seat/bench is between 17” and 19”. The presence of a bench or stool will allow for an easier, more comfortable shower experience.
  • Roll-in Shower: The curbless shower provides easy access for people using a wheelchair or transfer chair. A 36” in width is recommended for transfer chair users. This leaves ample room to maneuver the chair and position it in the most comfortable fashion.
  • Grab Bars: For a shower, grab bars should be tested and installed on all three walls. Do not place a bar at height until you run it by the person who will be using them first.

The Sink

  • No CabinetsA vanity needs to be mounted on the wall with no cabinets underneath. This will allow for a chair to be rolled into place underneath the sink. The minimum sink height for a standard transfer chair is 27.”
  • Single Hand FaucetsIf the person has trouble with one arm or both, this tip will save them the hassle. It is easier to reach and adjust a single-handed faucet when seated.

The Toilet

  • Adding Height: The average toilet is about 18” off the ground. This height could be a little low for someone with physical disabilities, but don’t worry, you can leave your toilet as is. Buying a thicker seat could add as much as 6” to your existing toilet and it is more cost-effective.
  • Grab Bar: The safest grab bar placement is on both sides of the toilet to aid with balance. The toilet should be placed in between the two grab bars at 36” apart.  

If you need a plumbing upgrade in your new accessible bathroom, just call AAA Today! We are the guys in the bright pink trucks that you see all over town! We would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. We can be reached by calling (303) 313-3333 or by visiting us on the web!

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