If Your Water Heater Hasn’t Exploded, Thank the TPR Valve
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If Your Water Heater Hasn’t Exploded, Thank the TPR Valve

A Small Significant Tool

Did you know that water heaters have safety features? While performing a simple task, these units are complex and require certain safeguards to run in your home.

We’re looking at an often-overlooked piece of the water heater that you may not know is actually keeping you safe.

What is a TPR?

TPR stands for temperature/pressure relief valve. The TPR valve is a safety device installed on your water heater to regulate pressure inside the tank. The valve will automatically release water if pressure builds up too high in the unit. This helps prevent explosions and other damage from occurring.

How does it work?

As the water heater heats up, it creates additional pressure as the water inside expands. Pressure is relieved when the valve opens, therefore reducing any risk of danger. However, if the valve doesn’t work, the unit can rupture, explode, or be launched upward due to the buildup of pressure inside.

TPR Valve Maintenance

You can test the valve yourself or call a professional plumber to test it for you. To test the valve, turn off the power to your water heater, so the water cools down. After testing for lukewarm water in a sink, place a bucket under the TPR valve.

Open the valve and let the water flow through a few times. Turn the water heater back on and make sure the valve is still working. If not, it’s time to call a plumber to fix it as soon as possible. You can also request that your plumber test the valve for you during your annual water heater flush.

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