How to Safely Hide Wires
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How to Safely Hide Wires

How to Safely Hide Wires

You can probably look in any direction and see a wire powering something in your home. Whether a lamp, a television, your phone, or a toy, wires are everywhere. With so many wires, they can quickly become an eyesore if they are left to run unimpeded.

A general rule of thumb is to keep wires out of walking areas. It’s very easy to trip on them, which can not only hurt you, but damage the wire, the outlet its’ plugged into, or the device it stems from.

Here are some tips for safely hiding wires that will keep your home organized and safe.

Don’t Use Your Rugs

A common misconception is that running wires under rugs is a good idea. While it seems smart on paper, it can actually be a safety hazard. While a rug may remove the risk of tripping over a wire, it can still cause damage to the wire’s exterior from all the foot traffic. It can also cause the wire to overheat if left under that thick carpeting.

Behind Furniture

Using the natural barrier of your furniture is a great way to hide wires from plain sight. Try to run wires behind your couch, entertainment center, or end table.

Use Tubes

There are a variety of tubes available to help hide and organize your wires. These tubes can usually adjust in size based on how many wires you need to hide and help create an even, straight path for them to run. There are also tubes or other covering products that will attach to walls, or contour to your needs.

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