How to Deal With a Plumbing Emergency
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How to Deal With a Plumbing Emergency

Have you had to deal with a plumbing emergency recently? Hopefully not, but if one does happen to arise, we want you to be prepared!

Tools To Have On Hand

  • Bucket
  • Plunger

Possible Emergencies

  • Toilet Overflow
  • Pipe Burst

Steps to Solve (Toilet Overflow)

  • First things first, turn off the toilet’s water supply. There should be a supply line with a handle somewhere near the bottom of the bowl.
  • Next step, remove the tank cover and lift up the float cup or ball high enough so that the water stops running.
  • Once it has stopped, take a cup of water or bucket and remove excess water from the brim of the bowl.
  • Once the water level is low enough, try plunging the bowl and if that doesn’t work, call in your AAA plumber.

Steps to Solve (Pipe Bursts)

  • Once again, the first step is cutting off the water supply. There should be a main shutoff valve that controls your home’s water supply. To be safe, turn this off instead of solely turning off the water to a particular fixture.
  • The next thing you’ll need to do is move all of your electronics and valuables to higher ground.
  • Once you’ve done that, turn off your furnace and hot water heater as these appliances can be affected by the flooding water.
  • But if you aren’t confident in your abilities, call in a AAA plumber once you have completed steps one and two.

Here at AAA Service, we are Denver’s premier plumbing company and our track record speaks for itself. We are prompt, professional and also accommodating in case of emergencies. That is why we work weekends, nights and most holidays to make sure your plumbing isn’t left out to dry.

To schedule a plumbing service, call (303) 313-3333 or click around on our website!

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