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How Do I Cover An Electrical Panel: 10 Ideas

Electrical panels are necessary components of every house, but they are not the most aesthetically pleasing features. These panels can be an eyesore for homeowners and detract from a room’s overall look and feel. However, simply ignoring it is not an option. Covering an electrical panel can be tricky because of the electrical wiring and breaker switch inside. But there are many creative ways to disguise the panel.

Let’s explore ten creative ideas to cover your electrical panel. Whether you want to hide it completely or add decorative pieces around it, we’ve got you covered! Check out our ideas below to find the most suitable solution for your home.

1. Artwork

One of the most elegant ways to cover your electrical panel is by hanging art or paintings on your wall. You can choose work that matches the décor of the room, and the electrical panel will simply blend into the background. Whether you prefer modern abstract art or vintage paintings, they are the perfect addition to any room and a great cover.

2. Curtains or Blinds

If your electrical panel is located in an awkward or exposed area, consider hanging a curtain or blinds over it. Not only will it cover the board, but it also adds some character and texture to the wall. You can choose a solid color, a pattern, or a sheer fabric to dim the light while keeping your electrical panel hidden. And if this spot just doesn’t work out, an electrical panel upgrade may be in order. 

3. Shelving or Cabinets

If your electrical panel is in the kitchen or living room, you can create new storage space by building shelves or cabinetry around it. This not only provides you with extra storage but also camouflages the electrical panel while providing a functional feature to the area.

4. Chalkboard or Whiteboard

For a fun and quirky solution, you can install a chalkboard or a whiteboard over the electrical panel! This lets you draw or write notes on it and hide your electrical panel. This solution is perfect for a kid’s room or home office.

5. Decorative Screens

Decorative screens are an attractive and functional way to cover your electrical panel. These freestanding screens come in different materials, designs, and colors to match your home décor. Place it in front of the board to hide it while creating a stylish accent piece.

6. Plant Trellis

Adding a plant trellis can achieve both functionality and decoration in one go. Use a plant climbing trellis to cover your electrical panel and add a touch of nature to your space—plus, adding indoor plants benefits the air quality of your home and creates a relaxing environment!

7. Custom Cover

Custom covers are the best way to hide your electrical panel while maintaining easy accessibility. You can create them to match the existing wall color and pattern so it blends in seamlessly, and even add some decor or text for a personalized touch. Just make sure you’re keeping home safety in mind! 

8. Photo Wall

If you have a group of photo frames, you can create a photo wall around your electrical panel. This approach combines decor and a unique feature to cover the board while keeping it personal.

9. Bookshelf

Similar to the shelving and cabinetry idea, installing a bookshelf is an ideal solution for covering your electrical panel. It provides storage for your books and hides the panel while bringing coziness and style to the room.

10. Mirror

A mirror on the wall hides the electrical panel while doubling as a reflected image. This dual-purpose feature adds brightness to the room while creating a useful and decorative tool!

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