How a Heat Pump Keeps You Cool
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How a Heat Pump Keeps You Cool

How a Heat Pump Works

It may sound counterintuitive — a heat appliance for cooling? While a heat pump can be used for heating, it’s true! A heat pump is a type of HVAC system that moves warm air from one place to another, usually from the air inside your home to the air outside your home. So depending on the season, the direction of the moving air changes.

This, in turn, provides a cooling effect for your home in the summer and is done all without ductwork or combustion-based fuel like gas or oil. This makes it very efficient and powerful while providing consistent comfort for your home.

Heat Pump Characteristics

A heat pump is generally divided into two parts: an in-home unit that is usually rectangular and mounted on a wall and an outside unit. That’s it! The heat pump has a much smaller footprint but can still provide comfortable temperatures inside your home.

One of the most popular features of a heat pump is its dual-use capability. That means you can “flip” the system in the winter and use it as a heater, too! This one system can be a heater and air conditioner, all while avoiding ducts and separate units.

Heat Pump Efficiency

Since heat pumps use electricity, they can operate much more efficiently compared to gas or oil appliances. This means that while it’s running, it’s working and not wasting energy on lost warm or cool air.

You can reduce your monthly costs by switching over to a heat pump as your primary source of heat in the winter.

Heat Pumps for Your Colorado Home

Interested in moving to a smaller, yet powerful and efficient form of home heating and cooling? The AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric team is here for expert heat pump installation and repair. Contact us today at (303) 313-3333 for more information on what we have to offer!

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