Foods That Should Never Go down the Garbage Disposal
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Foods That Should Never Go down the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can come in handy when cooking for a crowd or cleaning out your refrigerator. Keep in mind, your system shouldn’t be treated like a garbage can. There are a few items that should never make it down your disposal. Check them out below.

Grease or Fat: Have you just fried up chicken or bacon and have hot grease left in the pan? If so, be sure to keep it away from your disposal. When hot grease gets poured down the system, it eventually cools and hardens which can create a big mess!

Stringy Vegetables and Fruits: Celery, banana peels, asparagus, and corn husks are just a few of the fibrous fruits and vegetables that should steer clear of your garbage disposal. Often times, the stringy consistency of these foods don’t get cut by the blade. Instead, they wrap around it.

Pits or Bones: Peach pits, avocado pits, chicken bones or any other type of bone should never see the inside of your garbage disposal. These items could cause serious damage and possibly even lead to you having to replace your system entirely.

If you have any questions or concerns about your garbage disposal, contact AAA Service today. Have you seen us around town? We’re the guys in the bright pink trucks! Call (303) 313-3333 to make an appointment!

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