Famous People Who Started as Plumbers
Be like Jake. Leave it to the pros.

Famous People Who Started as Plumbers

At AAA Service, we have some pretty famous plumbers. Well, famous to us that is. But in the larger world of plumbing, there are actually some pretty notable names that started their careers as plumbers. You have the bat eating maniac, the Italian brothers, a superhero’s butler and the smartest man to ever walk the earth. What more could you ask for? Without further adieu, we present to you the most famous could-have-been plumbers in the world!

Mario & Luigi

These Nintendo superstars came to us over thirty years ago and they take the crown as the most famous plumbers in the world. We don’t know if they’ve ever fixed a faucet, but they sure can collect coins and fight off killer turtles!

Ozzy Osbourne

Before he became the lead man for Black Sabbath, Ozzie was a plumbing apprentice in England. He did that for about three years while practicing his music on the side. While plumbing is a great career, we’re not sure it compares to the life of a Rock Star.

Michael Caine

Yes, Alfred from Christopher Nolan’s renditions of the Batman series can also repair a faulty toilet. After serving in the British army during the Korean War, Caine went looking for work and stumbled across the plumbing profession. Similar to Ozzie, he worked as an apprentice for a number of years before realizing his gifts on the big screen.

Albert Einstein

Einstein was quoted saying that if he could do it all over again, he would become a plumber. Imagine what that brain could have done for our industry? When you really think about it, it does take a pretty smart man/woman to think on your feet the way a plumber has to every single day.

Like we said, our plumbers are pretty great too and they aren’t going to leave us for the spotlight! At AAA Service, 97% of our applicants do not get hired, so you know you’re going to get the cream of the crop. We can handle anything from broken fixtures to pipe repair and anything in between.

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