Do I Really Need a Whole House Humidifier?
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Do I Really Need a Whole House Humidifier?

Are you one of the many Denver residents considering the installation of a whole-house humidifier, but wondering if the benefits make it a worthwhile investment? You may also wonder if a humidifying system is a better option than a portable humidifier model. Well, we are here to help clarify both questions! Whole-house humidifiers offer a number of benefits, which our indoor air quality experts have helped us break down below.

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

With a whole-house humidifier, you can maintain ideal levels of humidity all year long. The system allows you to dehumidify your home in warm weather, and add humidity when it’s cold.

Fighting Dry Skin

The winter months and dry skin go hand in (dry) hand. As soon as the heat turns on the skin starts drying out, pre-existing skin conditions can worsen and keeping lips from chapping seems like an all-day battle. The installation of a whole house humidifier will counteract the drying effect, keeping the air – and your skin – from becoming uncomfortably dry.

Preventing Wood Damage

Dry air doesn’t just wreak havoc on your skin. It also causes damage to wooden furniture, cabinets, and flooring in your home. Intensely dry conditions can cause wood to splinter, crack and split. A whole house humidifier will help protect your wooden possessions.

Stopping Shocks

We’ve all experienced it – the slight yet startling shock when touching an appliance, pet or person. And dry air makes in-home shocks much more common. Although they don’t pose a real danger, the annoyance of shocks can be reduced or completely eliminated throughout your home by keeping your humidity level set to at least 35%.

Breathing Easier

Dry air directly results in a dry nose, nasal passage, mouth, and throat, which, in turn, makes it tougher to breathe, easier to get ‘stuffed up’ and nose bleeds more common. A whole house humidifier will ensure that the air that you are breathing at home – day and night – is humid enough to prevent this internal dry-out.

Lowering Your Heating Bills

Because dry air makes you feel colder, a humidifier also can help lower heating bills. A 69-degree temperature with 35 percent humidity feels just as warm as a 72-degree setting with 19 percent humidity. So using a humidifier will allow you to stay just as warm when you’re thermostat is set back by 3 degrees — a measure that can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 5 percent.

Little to No Maintenance Required

Since a whole home humidifier is connected to your plumbing system, there is no need to manually add water every day. The only maintenance required is an annual filter cleaning.

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