Cheap Vacation Spots to Escape the Cold
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Cheap Vacation Spots to Escape the Cold

Your furnace, boiler, and water heater have all been working hard this winter and they deserve a rest. But you can’t afford to do that and bear the chill of a Denver winter. So, get out of Denver! All you have to do is take a quick 4 hour (or less) flight to one of these awesome warm-weather destinations. The best part is, they are also extremely affordable!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking. Vegas is expensive for the avid gamblers, but if this doesn’t pertain to you, it is actually an affordable destination. Airfare and hotel packages are relatively inexpensive and show tickets are no higher than your average theater. Stay away from the casinos and enjoy the 65°F weather in Vegas while you still can!

La Paz, Mexico

In Spanish, ‘La Paz’ means ‘The Peace’ and this destination certainly lives up to its name. If you decide to stay in a resort, there are a number of different packages you can choose from. All-inclusive, weekly, 5 days, or a number of other options that the specific hotels offer. But the great thing about La Paz is the culture. So if you decide to go, make sure you visit the boardwalk and shops to get a taste of what it is all about. Oh, and did we mention that it is currently 78°F?!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is just like Mexico but with a little bit of edge– literally! Costa Rica has volcanoes, diving, rain forests and a whole bunch of other things to tickle the fancy of adventurers. It is slightly more expensive than Mexico, but there is also a lot more to do. The weather, the price, and the adventure are all calling your name!

Cancun, Mexico

Everyone’s favorite party spot below the border. If you are young, single, newly married or just looking for a great time, this is the place for you. With all-inclusive packages as low as $750 for 4 nights, you can’t find a better combination of fun and affordable. With temps hovering in the mid-80s, this party heaven is reigning in all the people suffering in the North.

If you want a heating inspection before you depart or after you arrive home, make sure you call AAA Service. We can detect furnace or boiler problems before they grow larger and this can save you hundreds, or even thousands.

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