Caution: Be Careful with Portable Heaters
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Caution: Be Careful with Portable Heaters

Did you know that portable heaters are responsible for 300 deaths and millions of dollars in property damages each year? This sounds terrifying, but all of these accidents can be easily avoided with simple safety precautions. Anything that runs on gas or electricity has the potential to be a safety hazard, but here you will find some easy ways to lower your risk with portable heaters:

Don’t Go Cheap

Odds are, you’re using a space heater to help save money on heating bills. Don’t try and multiply those savings by risking your safety on a used heater. Heaters made after 2012 come with a specific set of safety provisions that drastically reduce the risk of fire, combustion and exhaust emissions. The most important thing you can invest in is your safety!

Purchase Monoxide Detectors

An unvented portable space heater can emit this deadly gas if it is not working properly. You should have already had your Carbon Monoxide detector installed by an AAA technician, but it is better late than never. If you’re trying to use a space heater to warm outdoor living space, you should install a detector there just to be safe.

Go Electric

This tip needs to be handled with care. Electric heaters eliminate the risk of gas emissions altogether, but they can be dangerous in other ways. Never use them in a basement, bathroom or any area that can become easily flooded for obvious reasons. They are also easier to maintain and they tend to have a longer lifespan.   

Maintain Proper Clearance

The most important tip for staying safe is to maintain the clearance that your owners manual suggests. A space heater should never be covered by blankets, drapes or placed behind a couch where it doesn’t have adequate room to breathe. Clear air should leave you comfortable, safe and warm all winter long.

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