What Are the Benefits of Whole House Standby Generators?
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What Are the Benefits of Whole House Standby Generators?

Long-term power outages can be a pain for anyone trying to carry on with their lives. Not only is lighting up candles extremely dangerous, but the fact that your HVAC system is not operating can make the situation even more irritating. Ice storms, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and lightning can all cause power outages for hours, days or perhaps even weeks.

Let’s forget about natural disasters. Even a blown transformer can take hours to repair! So, what do you do when the lights go out? Do you light a candle or try looking for a flashlight? Well, why go through so much hassle when you can just walk over to your whole house standby generator, switch it on and illuminate your home without breaking a sweat? To understand more, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of whole house standby generators:


When a power outage occurs, the comfort a whole house standby generator provides is just priceless. In addition, where you would have to worry about safety mechanisms with a portable generator, you can completely forget about any problems with your standby generator. Compared to portable generators, whole house generators offer more safety, as they do not allow the building up of carbon monoxide inside your home, which is a common problem with portable generators and a serious health hazard.


Nothing can beat the efficiency a standby generator provides. You can count on whole house generators to work efficiently for hours, without having to worry about any problems. If you have a constant gas supply, after switching the generator on you not even notice any change with the power. Another feature of whole house standby generators is they are integrated into your existing electrical system and can be customized to turn on only essential appliances of your home, such as the refrigerator and the HVAC system.


The moment you lose power, you just have to walk towards the power switch of the generator and turn it on, and within a few seconds, your whole house will be illuminated. Therefore, whole house generators offer the ultimate convenience. Whereas with portable generators it is completely the opposite, as switching them on is an incredibly difficult task. This is one of the main reasons most people usually opt for whole-house generators.


There is no doubt that purchasing a standby generator can be costly, not to mention the installation charges as well. But nevertheless, it is a one-time investment that puts you at comfort and ease during power outages. It keeps your refrigerator running, prevents frozen pipes by keeping your HVAC system running, and you don’t have to think about going out just to kill the time, thereby saving money. In addition, generators can also save your home from theft. Yes, since your alarm system does not work without electricity, you may be subject to looting.

So, if you are looking for a good generator that can provide backup power for your entire house, perhaps whole house standby generators are a perfect choice.

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