Benefits Of Scheduling A Furnace Tune-Up
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Benefits Of Scheduling A Furnace Tune-Up

Keeping up with the maintenance of your furnace is vital to the health and overall comfort of your home, especially during the chilly Denver winter. Not only does proper maintenance save you money but it also can affect the health and safety of you and your family. Our team of furnace experts is here to walk you through some of the KEY benefits of scheduling your annual furnace maintenance! Keep reading to learn more. 

Avoid Costly Repairs

During your maintenance visit, your service technician will be able to catch any new or small problems that may be occurring. Catching small problems early will help avoid more complicated repairs or a system breakdown in the future. Did you know that on average, system repairs could cost you about $310 but up to $1,300? An investment of only $49 to maintain your furnace could save you a difference of up to $1,251 in the long run. 

On top of the cost of repairs, neglecting to perform regular maintenance can also leave you dealing with:

  • Increased risk of fire 
  • A decline in air quality
  • Lower comfort levels
  • Undetected carbon monoxide 


This is the biggest advantage to having regular maintenance performed on your furnace, especially with freezing winter temperatures! When your system receives regular maintenance there’s no need to worry about it suffering from a sudden or major operational failure when you need it most. 

Ensures Healthy Air Quality

The benefits of furnace maintenance don’t stop with lowering the chance of repairs. It’s also an important part of maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Furnaces have air filters that need to be changed every 30-60 days, which your service professional will check & replace during your tune-up. However, dirt & debris buildup will be evident in other places that you might not be able to see, which can lower the quality of your indoor air. During your maintenance visit, the technician will completely clean out your system, leaving it dust and debris free! 

Lowers Your Energy Costs

Regularly maintained systems are cleaned and calibrated by a service professional. What does that mean? It means your furnace will have the ability to perform at optimal performance, keeping you warm & cozy, while saving you money on energy costs. You might ask how? Well, the more efficiently your furnace runs, the less energy your system will have to use to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

We hope that by walking you through just a FEW of the key benefits of a furnace tune-up, you have a better understanding of the effects maintenance can have on your wallet, health, and comfort inside your home. Our AAA team is always here to ensure your furnace is in AAAwesome shape! If you have any questions or need to book your annual maintenance visit, contact us today. 

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