Bathroom Renovation Do’s and Dont’s
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Bathroom Renovation Do’s and Dont’s

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home, and with the proper renovations, it can be your functional oasis. There are a lot of parts that come with redoing any room in your home. Here are some of the top considerations to remember if you’re giving your bathroom a makeover.

Do: Splurge on the Shower

How many times do you use your tub? Chances are, if you don’t have children, you don’t take a bath frequently. While a relaxing, hot bath is great on occasion, you may want to think about using the space to create a larger shower. Think of the possibilities: a big, new showerhead, a body spray, or even a steam generator. Your shower is one of the places you can escape every day to relax, so invest some time and money into making it what you want.

Don’t: Buy Products Online Without Seeing Them in Person

Would you buy a car without test driving it? Likewise, you should never buy appliances or materials without seeing them in person first. Surfing the web is a great way to get inspiration and ideas, but the materials you see online may not always arrive as they look on your screen. Visit a showroom or a design store before you purchase — you may even be able to price match the online offer!

Do: Add a Larger Vanity

Our vanity gets a lot of action during the day: from doing our hair to brushing our teeth. To reduce bathroom chaos and make sure you give yourself enough room, make sure you give yourself enough room on your vanity for all of your family’s belongings. A double sink has been a popular design choice many couples choose to add to the home, but for more counter space, a single sink may be best. You’ll also save money on double faucets!

Don’t: Try to Cut Costs By Skimping on Skilled Labor

Similarly to the example, we used before: you wouldn’t just let anyone fix your car. You also probably wouldn’t do the fix yourself if it was something outside of your skillset. This DIY approach is the same when it comes to renovating your bathroom: a contractor or experienced plumber or electrician is your best bet. A licensed professional will get the job done promptly and correctly; without worrying about something going wrong.

Do: Add Lighting and Ventilation

You may not think a bathroom fan should be on the top of your list, but it’s actually your best defense against mold and mildew. Your bathroom is probably one of the most humid rooms in your home, and without proper ventilation, you may experience damaged finishes and painted surfaces as well. Your ventilation system should b eat least 50 cubic feet per minute.

Additionally, be sure to add a variety of lighting fixtures to your room that allows you to get ready with ease. Consider overhead lights, wall sconces, and another ambient lighting. 

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