Are Air Conditioners or Ceiling Fans Better for Your Home?
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Are Air Conditioners or Ceiling Fans Better for Your Home?

When trying to cool your home, you have many different choices. In general, most people will choose air conditioners or ceiling fans — or both! By knowing the benefits and disadvantages of each of these methods of cooling, you can select the best path for you. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you make this decision and provide long-lasting installation services.

Pros & Cons of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a highly effective way to thoroughly cool your home. With an air conditioner, you can select the temperature of your residence and make small adjustments as needed. An AC unit can also provide options that allow you to control additional elements, such as humidity, or incorporate filtration and other indoor air quality features to keep your home healthy and comfortable.

With all the benefits of air conditioning come potential drawbacks. They are of course more expensive than ceiling fans and require more work to install. Once installed, they will need regular maintenance and can be costly to repair if something breaks.

Pros & Cons of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans offer a range of benefits for homeowners. Although air conditioners offer a much more thorough way of cooling a space, sometimes, the air that comes from an AC is too cold. You may opt for ceiling fans for this reason alone if you prefer a milder temperature in your house. Additionally, ceiling fans are easy to install and less expensive to install and maintain than AC units. Unlike air conditioning systems which require in-depth repairs and maintenance and specialized cleaning services, fans often can continue cooling your home and contributing to better indoor air quality as long as their blades are kept free of dust.

If you do prefer keeping it cooler in your home, ceiling fans may not suffice. With a ceiling fan you have no control over the temperature and can do little to adjust their output apart from adjusting the speed of the blades. Ceiling fans also do little to cool the air outside of their immediate area, which can discourage homeowners who are looking for a whole-house cooling solution.

The Benefits of Installing Both

If you can’t decide between installing a new air conditioner or ceiling fans in your home, don’t worry! Sometimes, installing both is the best way to go. With both an AC and fans, you can choose which method of cooling your home is best at any given time. On super hot days you may need to chill of an air conditioner, but on milder days, your ceiling fans may suffice.

Ceiling fans can also help the air from an AC circulate throughout your home, which can increase energy efficiency. Rather than working alone to cool your entire house, the air can be dispersed more quickly with ceiling fans, and therefore, your AC will not have to work as hard.

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