5 Signs It’s Time for a Video Pipeline Inspection
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5 Signs It’s Time for a Video Pipeline Inspection

Are you tired of dealing with drain clogs? Have there been funky smells coming from your pipes lately? If so, it may be time to call AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for a video pipeline inspection.

Traditionally, it has been hard to detect issues in your sewer and drain lines. This is partially because you don’t see them every day, and therefore probably don’t think of them as much. But it’s also because in the past, accessing your lines meant digging up your property. Fortunately, with AAA’s efficient video inspections, we can identify problems deep in your sewer and drain lines quickly and without the extra mess. A video inspection also helps us paint a comprehensive picture of your lines over time, so you always know what the health of your sewer and drain system is. And video inspections remain the best way to find out whether you need drain cleaning, trenchless sewer replacement, or high-pressure water jetting service. Keep reading for the five signs it’s time for a video pipeline inspection, and make sure to hire our skilled plumbers at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for all the drain and sewer services you need.

The Top Reasons to Schedule a Video Pipeline Inspection

  • Sewage Smells: The smell of sewage around your property is a strong sign that your sewer line has cracked and started leaking. Not only is wastewater damage extremely expensive to clean up, it also poses serious health risks, so make sure to call for a pipeline inspection if you detect the smell of sewer water in your home right away.
  • Drain Problems: Slow drains are a top sign that you are dealing with some kind of obstruction within your drain or sewer lines. You may also hear a gurgling noise coming from your drains, or the sound of running water, even when the tap is off, if there is a blockage in your line. Waiting to deal with a clog can result in burst lines and back-ups, so do not hesitate to contact our professionals for a camera inspection if your drains are having problems.
  • Increasing Water Bills: If your water bills have started to go up, but your actual water usage has not changed, it could be because of a leak in one of your lines. Prevent high water bills and make sure you don’t end up with flooding water on your property by scheduling a pipeline inspection and identifying the source of your issue.
  • Mold Growth: Obviously, water damage is going to be your primary concern when you experience a drain or sewer line leak. However, it’s important to consider all the other problems that can occur on your property when water damage happens too, such as nasty mold growth. When mold spores get into your air, they can make their way into your lungs, and affect your health. Watch out for that musty mold smell on your property, and if you do find mold, call for a pipeline inspection to find out if a leak is causing ASAP.
  • Lush, Green Spots in Your Yard: Sometimes, a sewer line leak will occur in your yard, causing wastewater to rise to the surface of your lawn, and fertilizing damp, overgrown green patches in your grass. This is especially common when root intrusion happens, as roots are naturally drawn to the moisture in sewer lines, and can start to grow around or even inside them. Call for a camera pipeline inspection to see if you are dealing with root intrusion or another problem—and don’t worry, AAA Service Plumbing has what it takes to get rid of roots and more!

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