5 Facts About Low Water Pressure
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5 Facts About Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is annoying, inconvenient and uncleanly in terms of your dishwasher and shower. Without pressure, your dishes will only be half clean and your clothes will look like they were never cleaned before– not a good look. Not to mention, your showers will be less effective and you might force your kid to become the smelly kid in class. And like Adam Sandler said in Big Daddy, “Nobody wants to be the smelly kid in class.”

Learn how to diagnose and correct water pressure problems here:

  • Low water pressure is not necessarily a whole-home affair. You might have low pressure to a specific faucet or area and this information is important for diagnosing the cause. Try all of the faucets in your home and notify your AAA Service plumber where the problem lies when he/she arrives for the appointment.
  • If you notice only one or two faucets affected by the low pressure, it is likely a clog in the faucet or aerator. You can use a pair of pliers to unscrew the end of the faucet and look for debris in the aerator. If it needs to be cleaned, place it in a bag of white vinegar and let is soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Do you only have low water pressure when you are running hot water? If so, it is likely related to the shut off valve on your hot water heater. It could be out of position, or the unit could need repairs.
  • The number one place you need to look when faced with low pressure is the PRV valve. The Pressure Reducing Valve is typically located on the line where the water enters your home. If you turn clockwise on the valve, it will increase pressure. But what happens sometimes is this valve is knocked loose or completely off, and then there is no way to manually adjust pressure.
  • Low water pressure can mean that there is a leak somewhere in your system and water is being lost as a result. When we get a call for low water pressure, we’ll likely do a full inspection to make sure it isn’t related to pipe bursts or leaks. This can be a MUCH more expensive issue if it lingers.  

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