5 Air Conditioning Tips That Will Actually Save You Money
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5 Air Conditioning Tips That Will Actually Save You Money

Earlier this month, we published a blog on air conditioning hacks that are supposed to save you money but don’t actually work. Well, for every lie there’s also a corresponding truth, which is why this week we’re going to flip things around. Check out these five air conditioning tips that will actually save you money, and remember, you can always count on our skilled HVAC techs at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for all the AC services you need.

Our Top 5 Hacks to Save You Money on AC Costs This Summer:

  • Keep Your AC on When You Leave for the Day: As we discussed in our blog from earlier this month, a lot of people assume that letting your AC run when you leave for work or go out during the day is wasteful. However, this is not actually the case. If you step into a hot and stuffy house at the end of a long, hot day, the first thing you’re going to want to do is crank the AC as low as it goes. This is actually what wastes money, as it forces your system to work harder in order to cool your space faster. Instead, what you should do is set your AC at a comfortable 72 degrees (no lower, possibly higher,) when you leave your house for the day. That way, your space will already be cool and comfortable when you get back, and your air conditioner won’t drive your bills up by over-exerting itself. Another thing you can do to make sure your house is comfortable as soon as you get home from work is turn your thermostat up a few degrees before you leave. This brings us to…
  • Turn Your Thermostat up a Few Degrees: “Hold on,” you may be thinking, “first you tell me to let my air conditioning system run when I leave my house, and now you’re telling to turn up my thermostat—during the hottest time of the year!” Believe it or not, we’re dead serious. The ideal temperature for your thermostat during the summer is somewhere around 78 degrees. While this may seem high, turning your thermostat up to this temperature will actually help to balance the flow of air throughout your house, helping to reduce hot and cold spots and allowing your AC to work more efficiently—thus saving you money. If you leave your AC on when you go to work during the day, you may actually want to turn your thermostat setting up even higher, to roughly 82 degrees. For greater convenience, consider installing a smart thermostat, which will be able to learn your comfort preferences and adjust accordingly.
  • Seal Up Cracks & Keep Out Additional Heat: Did you know that most Americans lose anywhere between 25-30% of their cooling power every year through cracks and holes throughout their home? To combat this problem and reduce AC waste, you should consider closing up leaks throughout your house, sealing and weather-stripping as many doors and windows as you can. Your house can also become 45% hotter just from the sun shining through your windows, so make sure to also use curtains, blinds, and shades if you want your air conditioner to be more effective and your energy bills to be lower.
  • Use Ceiling Fans When It’s Cool Out: During a heatwave, nothing keeps you safe and cool like an energy-efficient AC unit. However, on cooler days, or when the sun sets and it gets nice outside, you may want to consider substituting AC usage for ceiling fans. While this may sound obvious or even simplistic, a well-placed ceiling fan can help make any room cooler, especially when working in conjunction with your AC. And on top of this, a fan helps distribute air around a space in a way that your air conditioner cannot, making them a win-win for every property.
  • Know When to Call for an HVAC Technician: At AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric, we’ve seen what happens firsthand when people neglect AC service. Like any important piece of equipment, ignoring problems in your air conditioner is only likely to make things worse, until you are suddenly left with no cooling power at all. Save yourself the hassle and the money this summer by hiring AAA for regular AC maintenance. If you notice signs of a problem, like a leak, strange noises/smells, or cycling on and off, you should also contact us for AC repair. And if you do need air conditioner replacement for any reason, we can offer you a number of cutting-edge, energy-efficient AC units, as well as heat pumps. Call today to discuss your options, and stay cool all summer-long with AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric.

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