4 Things to Know When Buying a New Furnace
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4 Things to Know When Buying a New Furnace

It’s officially heating season and for some homeowners, that means the harsh reality of realizing your furnace is no longer working. When it comes time to buy a new one, take these four things into account.

Energy Source

The energy source of your new furnace is going to be the main factor in the price. We typically see the electric furnace being the cheapest and oil is the most expensive. Here are some estimates which might not necessarily apply to the furnace you choose:

  • Electric Furnace– $2000-$4500
  • Gas Furnace– $2100-$4750
  • Oil Furnace– $2900-$6500

Efficiency Rating

Obviously the higher end of the pricing comes from the high-efficiency units. Whether you want an electric, gas or oil model, the efficiency is going to impact the price regardless of fuel type. Furnaces efficiency is judged by AFUE and the higher the rating, the more expensive the unit is going to be upfront. Your decision needs to be based on whether or not the higher upfront cost is going to save you in the long run!

Load Size

The load size is another major influencer of the price. A bigger unit means more BTU’s or British Thermal Units. This ability to produce more energy comes with a higher price tag, but it might be a waste. Before you purchase a new furnace, let your AAA Service heating technicians come in and perform a load test. You don’t want to purchase a unit that is capable of performing services that you don’t need.

Installation Costs

The prices above include installation costs, but keep in mind that every situation is different. We use only the best technicians, equipment and parts so that we know the job is done right the first time. When you choose AAA Service, you are choosing the best that Denver has to offer.

We repair, replace and install furnaces for the greater Denver, Colorado area. We know the importance of your home’s furnace. It provides comfort during our cold Colorado winters. AAA Service is your Denver area home furnace heating experts.

To schedule furnace installation, call (303) 313-3333 or contact us online for fast and easy service!

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