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4 Common Colorado Summer Drain Issues

Summertime in Colorado brings a season of fun with the kids home from school, warm weather, trips to the lake, and family cookouts. However, in this busy season, it’s easy to forget how to prevent drain clogs in your home. From bathtub drain issues and the infamous toilet always clogs headache to if you’re wondering, “Can a garbage disposal cause sink clogs?” — drain issues are a nightmare for your humble abode!

Here are four of the most common summer drain plumbing problems and how to avoid getting stuck with them.

Drain Issues in Yard

Notice your yard is having a problem with standing water? This occurrence can often happen in the summer months, especially with the heavy rains that ensue. No one wants to deal with drain issues in yards, as they can lead to mosquito infestations and other pest problems. Make sure to clear away any standing water on your property to prevent these headaches.

Toilet Always Clogs

Summertime means the kids are home from school, which results in your toilet being used more often, increasing the chance of toilet clogs. To prevent clogs, it’s a good idea to remind everyone to avoid using large amounts of toilet paper. You may also want to remind family members what can and CAN’T go down the toilet. The best toilet paper for your plumbing is 1-ply, so make sure to add it to the list next time you head to the store. 

It may also be wise to place a trash can in your lavatory, pay more attention to your toilet throughout the season, and remind little ones that anything other than toilet paper should be placed in the trash can!

Garbage Disposal Troubles

During the summer, whether it’s because of a holiday or the nice weather, people tend to host more cookouts, pool parties, and family gatherings, which can all result in food scraps and leftovers making their way down to your disposal. Just remember, when you start cooking up a storm for your next summer party, there are a few foods that should never end up in the kitchen sink. Food like watermelon rinds, corn on the cob and husks, potato peels, and grease should NEVER go down the drain. Placing any of these items down the disposal will leave you with a nasty drain clog this summer! When in doubt, throw it out.

Shower Drains Slow

Trips to the lake are a summer necessity here in the Denver Metro Area! What else can you bring back besides memories and a sun tan? SAND, which is bad news for your drains! To avoid seeing your shower drains slow, consider rinsing off in the yard with a hose before hopping in for a clean, or make use of the wash-off stations that many public lake areas have. This will ensure that if any sand or dirt makes its way down the drain, it will only be in small amounts, if at all!

Drain Clearing Services in Denver Metro Area

Our AAA team hopes that you can avoid any drain pain this summer by being aware of these four common summer drain issues. However, we also understand that summertime is busy for families here in Colorado, and drain pains can sneak up on you without thinking twice. If you believe you are experiencing a drain clog, don’t worry; our team is here to help! Get in touch with our expert team today.

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