Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working? Here’s What to Do

May 30

Air conditioners are a common household appliance that many of us use to stay cool and comfortable during hot summer months. However, air conditioners can malfunction like any other machine, leaving us uncomfortable and frustrated. Knowing the common reasons why air conditioners may stop working can help you identify and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

Problem #1: AC Blowing Warm Air

One of the most frustrating problems that can occur with your air conditioner not working is when it starts blowing warm air instead of cool. Luckily, there are some things you can check yourself, starting with your electrical panel.

The first thing you should do is turn off the unit to avoid any potential electrical accidents. Once it’s off, locate your panel and open it up to begin checking for blown fuses. If you find one that is blown, it must be replaced. It’s important to note that calling a Denver HVAC company is best if you’re uncomfortable working with electricity.

Problem #2: Refrigerant Line Damaged or Leaking

Refrigerant lines play a crucial role in ensuring that your air conditioning unit operates efficiently, keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, refrigerant leaks can be a serious problem that can cause significant damage to your system and even harm the environment. Therefore, it is essential to inspect your refrigerant lines regularly, particularly if your system is older or has had previous leaks.

During your inspection, carefully examine the compressor, connections, valves, and coils for any signs of oil or refrigerant around them. If you detect any leaks or damage to these components, such as hail damage to the air conditioner’s outer condenser, it’s essential to contact a licensed HVAC professional immediately to repair the issue. Even small leaks can eventually lead to significant damage to your system if left unchecked.

If you suspect your system is low on refrigerant, it’s crucial to have a professional test and recharge the unit as needed. Insufficient refrigerant levels can cause your system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills and increased wear and tear on your system. Signs of low refrigerant include:

  • AC blowing warm air.
  • A loud AC unit.
  • Ice on your unit.
  • An increase in your energy bills.

Problem #3: Dirty Air Filter

Another important element to consider if your air conditioner is not working as it should is your air filter. Air filters are crucial components of air conditioning units as they improve air quality by trapping dust, dirt, and other particles. Over time, the filter can become clogged, which can reduce the airflow, leading to inefficiency and even system shutdown.

To keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly, it’s recommended to check the filter every 30-60 days or more frequently if you have pets or live in a dusty environment. If you notice it is clogged or dirty, cleaning or replacing it as soon as possible is essential.

Problem #4: Thermostat Set Incorrectly

Something else to consider checking if your air conditioner is not working properly is the thermostat settings. The first step is ensuring the thermostat is set to COOL. This might seem obvious, but sometimes it can accidentally get switched to HEAT or OFF, especially if you have a digital thermostat. Once you’ve confirmed that the thermostat is set to COOL, set the temperature at least 5 degrees BELOW the current inside temperature. This will ensure the air conditioner is prompted to turn on and start cooling your house.

If you’ve checked the thermostat and it seems to be behaving normally, try replacing the batteries or calling a professional to help diagnose and repair the problem. Sometimes, faulty thermostats can be the root cause of air conditioning problems, and it’s time for an upgrade.

How AAA Service in Denver Can Help

If you do not feel comfortable checking or fixing your air conditioner unit on your own, the professionals at AAA Service in Denver can help. With decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair any issue with your air conditioner not working. We are your one-stop shop for quality home services and will handle all installations, repairs, and maintenance!

Call us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy a comfortable, cool home all year round.