5 Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

5 Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Dec 23

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Five Holiday Electrical Safety Tips You Should Follow

The holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also bring an increase in electrical hazards. Decorations, lights, and other electrically powered devices must be used safely to protect your home and family from potential accidents. Let’s take a look at five holiday electrical safety tips that you should follow this season: 

1. Opt For Fire Resistant Trees 

If you plan on having a real Christmas tree in your home, make sure it is fire-resistant. Look for trees labeled “Fire Resistant” or “Fire Retardant” before you buy one, as these will reduce the fire risk caused by faulty lights or decorations. 

2. Don’t Overload Your Circuits

Many people make the mistake of plugging too many Christmas lights into one outlet or power strip, which can cause an overload of electricity. To avoid this, plug no more than three strands of lights into each outlet and double-check that you don’t exceed the wattage rating listed on your outlets. 

3. Inspect All Decorations 

Before bringing out any decorations to use, inspect them closely for frayed cords, loose connections, cracked sockets, or broken plugs. If you notice any signs of damage on any ornament, don’t use it and discard it immediately to prevent any potential accidents from happening. 

4. Protect Electrical Cords From Damage

When decorating your home for the holidays, keep all electrical cords away from high-traffic areas and out of reach of pets and children. This will help prevent tripping incidents and protect the cables from being chewed up or damaged in some other way. Further, if any outdoor lighting is used during the holidays, ensure that all cords are weatherproofed properly to prevent shorts and dangerous sparks due to moisture build-up.  

5. Ensure There’s Space Around Heat Sources

When setting up space heaters or other heat sources in your home during colder months, remember to leave space around them so they can function properly without overheating or starting fires due to flammable materials being too close. At least three feet (one meter) should be maintained between heat sources and furniture or curtains at all times for optimal safety measures.  

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