How Often Should I Get Furnace Maintenance?

How Often Should I Get Furnace Maintenance?

Nov 22

Working on home furnace.

As a homeowner, there are a lot of factors you have to keep up with to maintain a comfortable and safe home for your family. Your furnace is one of those things. You likely know that you should get regular maintenance done on your furnace, but you may not be sure how often is enough. 

Here at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric, we want to help educate our customers so they can make the best decisions for their humble abode and their family. In this blog post, we will discuss why furnace maintenance is important, the benefits of regular maintenance, how often you should schedule it, and more!

Why Does Your Furnace Need Maintenance?

Your furnace works hard to keep your home warm during the winter months. It needs regular care and maintenance to do its job effectively and efficiently. Just like your car needs an oil change every few months or miles, your furnace also has parts that need to be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent buildup and wear and tear.

Benefits of Furnace Service and Maintenance

Several benefits come along with getting regular furnace maintenance, including: 

  • Improved Efficiency: When your furnace is well-maintained, it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home, which saves you money on your energy bills. 
  • Prolonged Lifespan: With regular tune-ups and cleanings, your furnace will last longer before it needs to be replaced. 
  • Fewer Repairs: When small issues are caught early during maintenance visits, they can be fixed before they turn into larger (and more costly) problems.

How Often Should Your Schedule Maintenance

The general rule of thumb is that you should have your furnace serviced once a year — preferably before winter hits so you can be sure it’s in good working order before you need it most. If you have a newer furnace (one that’s less than ten years old), once a year may be sufficient. However, if your furnace is older or if you haven’t been getting annual tune-ups, you may want to consider getting service done more frequently at first to get it back on track.

Same-Day Denver Metro Area Heating Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is important because it helps improve efficiency, prolongs the lifespan of your unit, and can prevent more costly repairs down the road. At AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric, our technicians are fully licensed, certified, and insured professionals with the skills to ensure quality heating repair and maintenance in Denver and the surrounding areas.

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