Does My Home Really Need an Ejector Pump?

Does My Home Really Need an Ejector Pump?

Jun 21

How Ejector Pumps Differ from Sump Pumps

We often hear, “I have a sump pump; do I really need an ejector pump too?” While these two pumps sound very similar on the surface, they actually serve two different functions. Therefore, depending on your plumbing system and your needs, you may need both appliances. However, before you run out and purchase one, keep reading to learn more about how ejector pumps work and some tips on determining if you need one in your home.

A sump pump works to remove water from your home and is a great way to help prevent flooding, especially if your home or basement is below the water table. Meanwhile, an ejector pump works in tandem with your sewer system to remove sewage from your home. Like the sump pump, the ejector pump is usually installed in a sump basin in the lowest part of your home or basement. Because it involves sewage, it is also sealed to prevent sewage contamination from entering your home.

Review our blog to learn more about the differences between sump pumps and ejector pumps.

Why Ejector Pumps Are Important

Not all homes need ejector pumps. Most plumbing systems are set up to utilize gravity to remove sewage from the house. However, if you have a basement with a bathroom or laundry room, or depending on the configuration of your home and property, you may not be able to rely on gravity to get the job done. In these cases, an ejector pump makes up for it and pumps the sewage out.

Checklist: Do I Need an Ejector Pump?

Determining if you need an ejector pump is fairly simple. Below we’ve provided a quick checklist to get you started. However, we recommend that you also speak with one of our plumbers and have them inspect your property before purchasing one.

If you are considering installing an ejector pump on your property, review this checklist to determine if you could benefit from one:

  • You have a finished basement with a bathroom or laundry room
  • Your basement bathroom or laundry room is situated beneath your main plumbing lines
  • You plan to add a bathroom or laundry room to your basement
  • You have had issues with sewage and flooding in the past

Not all homes will require an ejector pump, even if you have a basement bathroom or laundry room. A new ejector pump can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending on the type and size you purchase. This is why it is so important that you speak with an experienced plumber before making the investment.

Ejector Pump Installation Process

The first step in installing an ejector pump in your home is purchasing the right ejector pump for your specific needs. There are many makes and models on the market, and you must select the right pump for your needs to ensure that it is effective and works when you need it to. We always recommend speaking with an experienced plumber before purchasing. We also recommend that when purchasing, you work with the same plumber who inspected your property and who will be doing the installation.

After you have purchased the correct ejector pump, you will schedule your installation. On installation day, you want to ensure the installation area is clear and ready for the plumber to get to work. Also, keep all children and pets out of the area to avoid accidents. If you already have an ejector pump and are just getting a replacement, they will remove the old pump for you. Otherwise, your plumber will prep the area, install the basin and pump, and finish by testing that everything is working correctly.

When working with AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric, we also ensure your ejector pump installation is up to local building codes and regulations.

Note down any questions you have for your plumber before, during, or after your installation. Installation day is a great time to ask questions and spend some time with your plumber learning how to operate your new ejector pump. If you have a question after we have left, just give us a call! We are always available to answer your questions.

How to Select the Right Plumber to Install Your New Ejector Pump

Once you’ve determined that you need an ejector pump (or you know your existing pump needs to be replaced), you will need to work with a plumber to have a new pump installed. If this is your first major plumbing project, you may not have a regular plumber to call. So, how do you choose a good plumber who will get the job done correctly and reliably?

Tips for choosing a plumber include:

  • Look for a plumber who is local to where you live.
  • Search for local, legitimate reviews of your plumber online.
  • Check how long the plumber has been established in the local community.
  • See if they offer a customer satisfaction guarantee or any warranties on their work.
  • Does the plumber offer references for their work?
  • Have they received any awards or other recognition for their work?
  • Are they active in the local community?

At AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric, we understand how difficult it can be to find a plumber you can count on. Our company has been working in the Denver area for nearly 40 years. We are well-known in the local community for our quality workmanship and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We can help you with all of your plumbing needs, including professional ejector pump installation, replacement, and repair.

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