5 Signs Your A/C System Needs Help This Summer

5 Signs Your A/C System Needs Help This Summer

Apr 25

Regular A/C tune-ups are essential to keep your system running smoothly. If your system starts to act strange, you can take that as a telltale sign you are overdue for an annual maintenance visit. While some signs may be more noticeable than others, not all are obvious. That is why our team of experts at AAA Service put together a list of signs to keep an eye out for that allude to the need of an A/C tune-up!

Increased Utility Bills

If you are noticing a rise in your utility bills without a significant increase in usage, then your system is most likely trying to tell you something. If you are skipping maintenance or your system is getting older, it may work harder to cool your home efficiently. This could be due to dust traps, blockages, or many other reasons.An A/C tune-up will not only increase the efficiency of your system but you may also notice a decrease in your next utility bill!



Inefficient Performance

If your A/C isn’t performing as it should, an A/C tune-up could be the answer to your problems. If your unit is blowing anything other than “cool” air, it isn’t working properly. Common issues that can cause this is dirty A/C coils, air filters, or your system could be low on refrigerant. These are all tasks that will be identified and resolved by our professionals during an A/C tune-up!



Foul Odor

Are you experiencing a smell coming from your A/C that is less than pleasant? This is an issue that needs to be addressed before it worsens. The unpleasant odor could be to a few different factors like wet filters or a build-up of fungus or mold, all of which are not good for the overall health of your home or your family. An annual A/C tune-up ensures that your system is clean and free of any reason that an unpleasant odor could be coming from your system.



Uneven Temperatures

Are you noticing one room in your home is cooler than the other? Uneven temperatures throughout your home shouldn’t go ignored! Double-check that your windows and doors are all properly sealed. If you fix that issue and still don’t see a difference in the distribution of temperature, it might be time to schedule your A/C tune-up with our team of experts.



Strange Sounds

If you notice any new, unusual sounds coming from your A/C system, this is a major indicator that your system is in need of a tune-up, or even possibly repair or replacement. Common strange sounds coming from an A/C system are a whistling, buzzing, or humming sound. A buzzing sound is typically an indication that the airflow is being obstructed by a blockage somewhere in your system. A humming sound can be caused by damaged blades or a motor that is close to dying. It’s important to not ignore any unusual sounds you hear as the longer you put it off, the more costly it may be.

Keeping up with, and not delaying annual maintenance may prevent the issues above from occurring, however, life happens! If you do begin to experience any of these five signs, it’s time to call the professionals at AAA Service and schedule your annual A/C tune-up today – (720) 465-7642.