Easy Preventative Drain Maintenance

Easy Preventative Drain Maintenance

Dec 21

Drain clogs always happen at the worst times, and can cause quite the headache! To help prevent your drains from getting clogged our team has provided you with some AAAwesome drain maintenance tips that are sure to help. Including preventative drain maintenance into your home checklist will keep your drains flowing all year long. Keep reading to see how you can keep your drains clear!

Pay Attention To The Temperature Of Your Water

Did you know that running hot water down your drain can help prevent back-up? Make sure you run hot water at least once a week! However, when you run your disposal you should be running COLD water. When you run your disposal with hot water you could cause the grease to melt and coat your pipes. Cold water will keep the grease in a solid form so the disposal can then break it down.

Collect Grease

We’ve all been repeatedly told not to pour grease down our drains. Yet, we choose to wash and rinse it down out of pure convenience. However, grease is one of the WORST things you can put down your home’s drains. Warm grease runs down your pipes until it cools and solidifies to form a nice clog. Choosing to collect your cooking grease in a spare container will save you a world of trouble. You can even choose to reuse your bacon grease if you want!

Use a Drain Strainer

Using a drain strainer in your sink or tub is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent unwanted hair and debris from going into your drains! Bathroom drains are easily clogged by hair and soap scum. Mesh drain screens are available in a variety of sizes and are easy to regularly clean out. There are also drain stoppers with built-in screens.


Tossing your food scraps and debris down your kitchen drains and grinding it with your garbage disposal is convenient, but it can lead to a nasty clog. There is a long list of foods that should never go down your drain. BUT, to save us some time and the environment, you might as well compost! Composting is an eco-friendly option for recycling food scraps and adding nutrients back into the soil.

If you experience a clog that requires a professional, our AAA team is here to help! Restore the flow in your home with a $79 Main Line Drain Clearing. Give our team a call today to schedule your appointment (303) 424-8554.