3 Bad Places to Install a Thermostat

3 Bad Places to Install a Thermostat

May 8

The Importance of Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat’s location may seem random, but believe it or not, it matters where you place it. Running an efficient heating and cooling system depends heavily on where you place the thermostat.

Remember, the thermostat is simply an advanced thermometer that activates or deactivates your HVAC system depending on the temperature. So if your thermostat is registering extreme temperatures because of its location, your system will not run when you really need it.

This will lead to inefficient heating and cooling, costing you more money and delivering poor performance. Your system may turn off too soon, run when you don’t need it, or give you false information.

Here are three places you should never place your thermostat.

Next to Doors

Doors, especially highly-used ones, are constantly fluctuating in temperature. When you open the door it will let the outside temperature in briefly, but your thermostat may register it as a significant change.

Above or Below Vents

The temperature of the air coming out of your vents is meant to cool or warm your home, not be the ambient temperature. So, if cold air is blowing right into your thermostat, it won’t register the real temperature in the room.

Exterior Walls

Another place to avoid installing your thermostat is exterior walls. These are the walls where the opposite side is the exterior of your home. For example, if you have a window on your bedroom wall, that would be an exterior wall.

Instead, opt for interior walls that connect rooms. Hallway walls are a popular choice to place a thermostat because they are usually not near windows or exterior walls.

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