Projects That Will Compromise Your Indoor Air Quality

Projects That Will Compromise Your Indoor Air Quality

Aug 13

When it comes to DIY home improvement, it’s tempting to do as much work as possible indoors, out of the elements, close to electrical outlets and you’ve got your tools close at hand. However, for projects that create dust, debris and fumes, it’s best to take those jobs outside to spare the air and protect your lungs.

Sawing and cutting

Whether you’re sawing deck railings or doing a carpentry project, sawing indoors puts dust into an enclosed space. Set up sawhorses and do as much of this work outside as possible.

Painting and spray painting

Even if you’re painting something like installed baseboards, it’s best to take them off and paint them outside of the house. The fumes from painting dissipate best in the open air. Plus, you’re spare yourself the trouble of putting down painter’s tape on the floor to protect from drops and spills.

Mixing concrete

Some homeowners bring their concrete-mixing work indoors so that they can be near a water supply. This is a bad idea because the dust from the mixing process can get into your eyes and respiratory system. Mix it outside before bringing it in.


There are two problems with doing refinishing work indoors. The first is that sanding down a piece of furniture puts fine dust in the air, which can get in your lungs. The second is that the fumes from the chemicals in the refinishing sealants, paints and stains can lead to headaches and nausea. Some of these jobs are better handled outdoors or in a garage, such as refinishing cabinet doors. Remove them to sand and stain them outside and allow them to cure.

Bottom line: Of course, some projects will require the majority of the work completed inside. When that is the case, change your thermostat’s fan setting to ‘on.’ This will continually circulate air throughout the house while filtering out pollutants. And no matter where you do the job — indoors or out — always wear the necessary protective gear. For all of your indoor air quality needs, rely on AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric at (303) 622-3449.