3 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing This Summer

3 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing This Summer

Jun 1

Summer is here, and many homeowners are gearing up for cookouts, pool parties, and other kinds of fun in the sun. However, all that entertaining and extra water usage can be pretty hard on your plumbing. Check out our top three ways to protect your plumbing this summer, and remember to call our experienced plumbers at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for a range of top-notch services.

The Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing System This Summer Are:

  1. Call for a Camera Inspection: The increased rain that tends to come in spring can put a lot of strain on your sewer line by the time summer rolls around. And you are at an even bigger risk if you have a lot of trees and plants in your yard, since any increased moisture can cause root intrusion, where roots from trees and shrubs actually grow towards your sewer line, eventually making their way inside. Fortunately, AAA offers cutting-edge video pipeline inspections to identify tree roots and a range of other problems in your drain and sewer lines. The last thing you want is a sewage leak ruining your summer fun, so watch out for signs like damp, overgrown patches in your yard, funny smells around your property, as well as slow and clogged drains, and make sure to call AAA Service Plumbing ASAP for a camera inspection if you suspect a problem.
  2. Watch What You Are Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal: Remember the next time you have a barbecue, your garbage disposal is not supposed to be used as an extra trash can. Grease, fat, and oil runoff from your grill will congeal and cause nasty clogs in your drains, so make sure they go into the wastebasket rather than the disposal. This goes for stringy, fibrous foods like corn, not to mention watermelon and other fruit rinds, too. You should also try to throw away seeds, since it is virtually impossible for your disposal to grind these up, and of course, anything hard like a bone or a corn husk will not only cause a clog, but likely mess up your garbage disposal’s blades, too. Just keep everyone away from the kitchen at the next gathering, and if you do need garbage disposal services, call AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric.
  3. Keep an Eye on Anything with Hoses: Summer requires you to use more water, period. That’s why from your home’s exterior, to fixtures like your dishwasher and other kitchen plumbing appliances, to your washing machine, it is important to watch out for cracks and leaks in hoses. Maybe your exterior water spigot and hose have worn down over the winter. Maybe you are spending more time washing your kids’ dirty clothes. Or maybe you are cooking and entertaining a lot, and your dishwasher is getting more use than normal. Whatever the reason, this extra pressure on your hoses and connections can cause a lot of nasty water damage if something breaks, so keep an eye out, and call AAA for any necessary repairs/replacements.

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